All Tarot card meanings completed!

We finally got there! All of the card meanings for each tarot card are now live on! You can check them out by clicking the links below.

So what is next for Tarot Nova? There is quite a lot to add. While I’m happy to be at this stage so soon, the site is far from finished. In fact I’m not sure if it will ever be finished. The following features will be worked on next:

  • Spreads
  • Reverse meanings
  • Symbology analysis of each card
  • Card relationships

Tarot card spreads are the priority now. I have a large notepad of spreads to turn into diagrams and write up.

While I don’t use reverse meanings myself, I understand that others do! Reverse meanings will be added promptly, either to the existing card or possibly as their own page.

Symbology, especially of the Rider-Waite deck, is an interesting topic to look into. I’d like to explore it through

Finally card relationships. While we already list astrological relationships, the cards relate to each other in certain special ways too. These will be added to the existing card description pages.

I’ll be taking a break for a week or so from now to organise for the future. Thanks for sticking around on Tarot Nova~!

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Summer Update

Well, five months in already. What a journey Tarot Nova is becoming! Our last news post was in June, and time sure has flown since then! Lots has been happening in my personal life, and sadly I have been neglecting the website! This is all due to change however. Things are now sorted and it is time to get back on track!

Pentacles Completed

You may have seen, but the Pentacles tarot card meanings are now ‘complete’. I say ‘complete’ with quotation marks because they aren’t complete, they are just at a good base level to grow from. Once all the card meanings have reached this v1.0 stage, I’ll look to add more; reversals, symbology and astrological meanings.

Wands are getting there!

The Wands suit is nearly complete too. Things have just been so hectic in my life, what with moving into a new place coupled with some job complications, I haven’t been able to make the July deadline I set myself. here is hoping that August should see the Wands suit reaching v1.0.

How to shuffle tarot cards

A small article was added regarding shuffling. Some cool things to try out that you may not have considered.

Tarot Nova Discord server

Currently, this is only advertised right here, and the invite link is for a small number of people only. I’m looking to build a small team to discuss how we can work together to make the site better, as well as chat about Tarot! Feel free to join if you are interested in helping out or would like to discuss other collaboration!

Future goals

The goal for the future is simple and clear. Finish the card meanings. Add more spread descriptions. I have such a backlog of notes to work through and Tarot Nova is an ongoing, evolving project. If you’d like to submit an article or chat about collaborating, fire me an email, comment here, or join the discord server!

Thanks for reading this update post, I hope you have a great day.

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End of June Update

A photograph I took of Buachaille Etive Mor on a hike last year. Scotland is lovely!

I hope you all had a brilliant June. I certainly did! June marks my Birthday, and is also the third month of Tarot Nova. It’s been a busy month here on Tarot Nova! I’m starting to enjoy these monthly posts; it makes me realise how much work is going into Tarot Nova. The very lofty goal is to become the best free Tarot resource online. While there are many good sites, I hope I’m offering something fun and easy to read, easy to understand and useful. Lets get onto the updates!

More card meanings added!

Previously I mentioned the 8th of July would be the final date for all of the tarot card meanings to be added. Well, this just isn’t going to happen I’m afraid. With my birthday, I took a week off, and things at work got in the way, yada yada I won’t make excuses. I got too busy and couldn’t do it, it’s as simple as that! However, the Pentacles suit has been started (we’re currently up to the Seven of Pentacles), and it’s looking like these will be finished within the week. I am hoping by the end of July that another suit is completed. Slow and steady!

The Ethics of Tarot – A guest article

The first guest article in June was posted by Chelsea, from the Tarot discord server, you can view the article here. The article is so insightful, and deals with creating a code of ethics. What should you use tarot for? Everyone is different, but Chelsea gives you a look at how she uses Tarot and her decisions behind her choices.

Breaking the Tarot Rules – A guest article

The second guest article was also written by Chelsea! This article deals with how tarot has evolved now to have codified rules, and talks about the subjectivity of Tarot as a whole. “ Let me be crystal clear- there aren’t rules in tarot, other than the ones you choose to follow. ” is a brilliant quote from the article. Check it out here.

How a Tarot Reader learned Lenormand- A guest article

The final guest article was also from Chelsea. Thanks Chelsea! This article deals with Lenormand, another form of cartomancy. A little autobiographical, a lot informational, this article explains how Lenormand works, and what you might expect coming from Tarot. Check it out here!

The Tarot FAQ

You might have seen a new option on the menu; the Tarot FAQ. This is an enormous post I decided to create to have a one-stop place for all of those small questions you have when you are just starting out. What is Tarot? Is Tarot dangerous at all? Where did Tarot come from? Find out in the Tarot FAQ!

The big article plan

This month I’ve been planning some articles of my own! Seeing questions and conversations on the tarot discord server is good inspiration for some articles. While some of these questions may just become a part of the Tarot FAQ, others are more deserving of a full post. I’m hoping to get a few published in July. I really enjoy writing articles, and while turning my notes in to card meanings is important, it can be a bit of a slog now and then.

Write with us!

As always, I’m opening up the floor to anybody who wishes to write about Tarot. Please visit the Contact page for more information. Also, if you’d just like to have a chat, by all means send a message too.

Well, what an update. Once again a big thank you to Chelsea and her insane three article contribution! I hope you all stick around and see Tarot Nova grow. Thanks for taking the time to read the post and leave a comment or get in touch if you’d like to have a chat.


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End of May Update

What a month it has been! The site has grown a lot recently. I’ve been busy redoing my notes in order to finish the tarot card descriptions, and we’ve had some outside help from a contributor. Lets dig into it!

Card meanings added

All of the Major Arcana cards have been finished! You’ll see that all of the cards from the Major Arcana and Cups suit have been added. While you’ll see in the previous post, I aimed for the 8th of July to finish each card description. I think it’s doable, we are certainly on track!

A new article has been posted

A writer and tarot reader, Rebecca (from the Tarot server!), contributed a lovely article about Pamella Colman Smith. You can read the article here. It’s a nice unique way to read about a biography of an influential artist and how she has influenced the writer.

We made it to 600 likes on our Facebook page

We’ve got a Facebook page (if you didn’t know!) I’m happy to say it’s up to 600 likes now. That’s a lot of fans of tarot cards, wow! If you’d like to stay up to date with the site but don’t want to check in too often, everything that is posted here will be posted there too. You can find the Facebook page by clicking here. I’m also down to chat if you’d like to send a message!

Write with us!

If you liked the article above, then consider writing with us. We’ll be happy to host an article with a link to your website, store, Instagram, etc. just get in touch on the Contact page. One of the goals of Tarot Nova is to have a new fresh place to talk about tarot as a community. I want to be able to promote others and help them find an audience too. There are guidelines for articles on the Contact page.

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Welcome to Tarot Nova

Welcome to Tarot Nova! This is the first post. Exciting, isn’t it? Tarot Nova began in Spring 2019, with the aim to be the #1 free resource for Tarot online. Let’s start with a bit of history first!

Back when I was learning to read Tarot cards, I felt there were too many resources to learn and I wasn’t sure which I could trust. The little white book which came with my first deck, the Rider-Waite, was helpful, but honestly, I just didn’t like it. It was very vague and it didn’t give me what I needed.

Further searching took me to a number of resources; some good websites, some great books, but something bothered me. Why were there so many differences between these? Surely if Tarot were an actual practice, there would be some set guidelines? It’s frustrating to see the definitions for a card in one place are completely different to a definition present elsewhere.

With this in mind, I decided to start a website to pool all the knowledge I had gathered into one place to try to create a ‘definitive’ guide to tarot. That turned into my website; Tarot-Explained. Tarot-Explained was a great experience. I spent years creating and curating the content in order to have a base resource for those learning tarot, and also for others more experienced to check back to.

In January of this year, I felt it was time to let go of Tarot-Explained and start a new journey. ( See the final post here! ). Tarot Nova is that journey. Tarot-Explained was a lumbering beast, and I feel now that a more streamlined approach is needed. Tarot Nova is going to be an easy to read yet concise reference for Tarot cards, meanings, spreads, associations and other relation divinatory techniques.

There will still be card meanings, and spread layouts, but I also want to grow a community and open up the website to other contributors to have a more well rounded view of Tarot as a hobby, lifestyle and profession.

Currently, I’m writing every card description to make them easier to read and easier to interpret. As these are being built, I’ll be reworking the spreads and writing frequent blog posts, and hopefully inviting contributors to do the same!

For now, The Fool and The Magician have been written, so be sure to check them out. The Major Arcana will be finished in order, and then onto the Minor Arcana. It’s going to be quite a feat. I hope you stick around and see this site grow. For now there is a lot empty, and likely a lot of missing links!

If you’d like to contribute, then by all means get in touch via Facebook


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