We finally got there! All of the card meanings for each tarot card are now live on Tarotnova.com! You can check them out by clicking the links below. So what is next for Tarot Nova? There is quite a lot to add. While I’m happy to […]
Well, five months in already. What a journey Tarot Nova is becoming! Our last news post was in June, and time sure has flown since then! Lots has been happening in my personal life, and sadly I have been neglecting the website! This is all due […]
I hope you all had a good June. I certainly did! June marks my Birthday, and also the third month of Tarot Nova. Come have a look at all the exciting new additions this month!
Welcome to Tarot Nova! This is the first post. Exciting, isn’t it? Tarot Nova began in Spring 2019, with the aim to be the #1 free resource for Tarot online. Let’s start with a bit of history first! Back when I was learning to read Tarot […]
What a month it has been! The site has grown a lot recently. I’ve been busy redoing my notes in order to finish the tarot card descriptions, and we’ve had some outside help from a contributor. Lets dig into it! Card meanings added All of the […]