Eight of Wands – Tarot card meaning

Eight of Wands - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The Eight of Wands is a strange tarot card to behold, and has a unique design compared to all others. No central character; just eight wands across a landscape. The design of the Eight of Wands is quite enigmatic, and doesn’t really lend to its meaning at first glance.

Generally, the Eight of Wands represents hasty actions, thinking before doing, and having a sense of urgency.

Card meanings


The Eight of Wands in the past position can represent a time in the past when you acted rashly. perhaps you felt you were running out of time. It could be that the choice you made has put you where you are now.

Acting on impulse can be a good or bad idea, it all depends on the situation. Sometimes, acting before giving things much thought can take us down a completely different, and more enjoyable path in life. You don’t have to over analyse everything.


The Eight of Wands in the present position can both push you to act rashly, as well as warn you about acting first. What type of situation are you in? If you’ve been thinking for a while, then seeing the Eight of Wands in the present position could be the push you need to just get going. “Just start.”

What you don’t want right now, is to be still. You need to move forward in life. If this means acting rashly, then by all means do it. Anything to get you moving onward. Don’t rest and be comfortable, you can do much better! The Eight of Wands is a card of action and movement, and so should you possess the same energy.


The Eight of Wands is a good card to see in the future. While it doesn’t show a relaxed, idyllic peaceful life, it does show a dynamic, interesting future.

The Eight of Wands is good to see in the future position if you are starting a new chapter in life; perhaps you are starting a new job, or you’re off to college or university for the first time. Expect a fast paced life for the coming few months! It’s going to be very interesting and enjoyable.

Work, careers and education

It’s good news for a career when you see the Eight of Wands, but try to pace yourself if things are moving too quickly. there isn’t a rush to the end. The Eight of Wands represents the journey forward and acting quickly to get there. Decide if you want to rush ahead or not. So long as you are actually moving forward, the speed shouldn’t be of any concern. Get better, and keep on moving.

Love and Relationships

You may be further along, emotionally, in your relationship when compared to your partner. The Eight of Wands suggests that you want things to be more official, or more developed than they currently are. The Eight of Wands in relationships can represent this; artificially pushing a relationship instead of lettings things develop.

Relationships are not a race to the end. The journey forward together is what you should be seeking.


If you’ve fallen into a lot of money recently, then take some time away before you do anything with it. Get used to it before you spend it. If things are steady, then be happy for that. Investments made in the short term will likely not pay off. The Eight of Wands warns you against acting rashly, so think about any large purchases carefully.

Health and well-being

The Eight of Wands suggests a lifestyle change. If there is something you’ve wanted to do for a while, then start now. There should be no delay. Give up alcohol, go vegetarian, join a gym. Whatever it is, just start now!

Other associations

Element: Fire

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Speed, urgency, acting rashly, movement

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