Four of Swords – Tarot card meaning

Four of Swords - Rider Waite Minor Arcana - Swords

The Four of Swords is the fourth Swords card. While initially, it may look like a negative card; the illustration shows an ornate gravestone with the central figure; a statue, at rest. The actual meaning leans more towards being passive and resting.

The Four of Swords generally represents rest, solitude and contemplation.

At a glance

The Four of Swords is a tarot card that is part of the Minor Arcana suite of swords. It is a symbol of rest, contemplation, and inner peace.

In a tarot reading, the Four of Swords can indicate a need for rest and relaxation, both physically and mentally. The image of the figure lying in a chapel, with three swords placed above their head, suggests a need for spiritual or emotional retreat. It can also represent a time of introspection and contemplation.

The Four of Swords can also indicate a need for mental clarity and focus. The figure in the card is lying in a state of peaceful repose, suggesting a need to clear the mind and let go of distractions in order to think clearly.

In terms of relationships, the Four of Swords can indicate a need for solitude or time alone. It can also suggest a need for peace and harmony within a relationship.

In a more negative context, the Four of Swords can represent a tendency towards avoidance or escapism. It can also indicate a lack of action or a refusal to engage with the outside world.

Overall, the Four of Swords is a peaceful and restful card that represents the importance of rest and contemplation. It can indicate a need for mental clarity and focus, and the ability to find inner peace and harmony.

Card meanings


The Four of Swords in the past position can represent a time of solitude; perhaps you were a bit of a loner as a child or teenager. You may have had niche interests which you are only fully starting to embrace publicly now.

Consider the close relation to the Three of Swords, in that something traumatic may have happened to you, and while you are on the path to recovery, you haven’t taken the final step just yet.


The Four of Swords in the present position can show a certain loneliness within. However, it can also represent voluntarily solitude, perhaps you just don’t feel like being around people right now. This is perfectly okay, you might just need a little space to yourself.

Try spending time alone; treat yourself to a little luxury now and then. If you’re spending time alone to think things over, then don’t try to push yourself for a quick answer. It’ll come.


The Four of Swords in the future position can represent a period of upcoming contemplation. This could be a difficult choice you ned to make soon, or a choice where the consequences will impact many people greatly. Time alone to think about it, without outside distraction, is key.

You should also consider your present. The Four of Swords can represent rest after a long battle. If you are fighting and struggling in life right now, then a rest is long overdue. Expect it soon.

Work, careers and education

The Four of Swords shows that you need to start working alone. working in groups may be expected, but try to fly solo if this is possible. You may be onto a breakthrough, but the thoughts and opinions of others are clouding your judgement.

Working alone may completely change things; perhaps your group just isn’t right for you. The Four of Swords also represents rest and a break; perhaps you just need some time off from work completely.

Consider the type of spread you are dealing here. Rest is key, but sometimes it isn’t possible. If this is the case, then simply try to work alone until you feel ready to join the others.

Love and Relationships

Potential love isn’t really on the cards when The Four of Swords appears. A more solitary card, the Four of Swords suggests that you rest, relax and focus on yourself.

if you’re currently in a relationship, then consider spending a little more time apart. Being your own person is an important part of a relationship. You both need to grow as people, as well as a couple. Giving each other space is key to a happy, healthy relationship.


Take a break from worrying about money. Things likely aren’t as bad as they seem. The Four of Swords is a mixed card when it comes to money as a whole, but it is unlikely that anything will drastically go wrong.

There is a certain, possible positive meanings here. You may come into money, but have no idea what to do with it. Time alone to think about your priorities is key.

Health and well-being

The Four of Swords suggests time alone; this is great for our mental health.If you’re a ‘people person’,this is maybe less so, but the rest of us do require time alone to recuperate.

Generally, you should calm down. Try to relax, especially if you’ve had some hard hitting news recently. Things could be worse off, and there is always a way back to feeling good and healthy.

Other associations

Element: Air

As a Yes or No question: Yes, but allow yourself to think about the question for a bit longer if you wish


Rest, solitude, pondering, relaxation, deep thought, free of interruption