The Fool – Tarot card meaning

Rider Waite Major Arcana - The Fool

The Fool is a very well known Tarot card. The word ‘Fool’ carries many connotations in contemporary society, but within the Tarot deck it is meant to represent the beginner, blissful ignorance. The Fool is the first card many of us see in a new tarot deck, and is the first card of the Major Arcana, which is seen as the journey of the fool, from humble idealistic beginnings to fulfilled completion.

The Fool can represent childhood, as well as the concept of ‘Beginners mind’; which is when you start something new with pure drive and motivation, without the barriers in place that someone more experienced may have.

To draw The Fool in a reading is generally positive; it shows you are at the start of a journey, taking the first step on a new path in life. Change can be frightening, but soon enough it becomes normal.

The Fool exhibits blissful ignorance. You may not know what doors your actions are opening, but your life is generally progressing, you are growing and having new experiences. “Beginners mind” is a term used frequently with ‘The Fool’; you are only just beginning, you have no idea how tough it is going to be, but you’re ready to take the first step.

anime style fool tarot card

At a glance

The Fool is a tarot card that is associated with new beginnings, spontaneity, and taking risks. It typically depicts a young person, dressed in a colorful outfit and carrying a small bag, standing on the edge of a cliff. The Fool is about to step off the edge of the cliff, representing the willingness to take a leap into the unknown.

The Fool card can indicate that you are about to embark on a new journey or begin a new phase in your life. It suggests that you are ready to take risks and embrace the unknown, with a sense of excitement and adventure. The Fool card can also represent a lack of fear or hesitation, and a willingness to trust in yourself and your abilities.

In some readings, the Fool card can indicate that you are being guided by a wise and helpful guide who can help you navigate through difficult times. This guide may be a spiritual guide, a mentor, or a trusted friend. The Fool card can also suggest that you are being called to let go of your preconceived notions and expectations, and to approach life with a sense of curiosity and openness.

Overall, the Fool card is a reminder to trust in yourself and your own abilities, and to embrace the unknown with a sense of excitement and adventure. It suggests that you are ready to take risks and pursue new opportunities, and that you are being guided by a wise and helpful guide on your journey.

Card meanings


In the past position, The Fool can represent a new beginning, a new fork in the road which you decided to take. The Fool can also represent the start of a journey which you are currently travelling down; did you decide to drastically change your life, perhaps you moved to a new location or started a new job?

The Fool in the past position can represent an unexpected fork in the road which you took. Perhaps you were working towards a goal and then decided to drop it, or pursue something else. This is where you are now, living with the consequences of your actions. Don’t have regrets, you likely made the right choice!


The Fool in the present position can represent the current state of the querent (the person for whom the cards are being read.) Are you directionless, or feeling stuck and wanting a change? It’s likely that you want to start a new lease of life. What is stopping you? It might be time to start that ‘thing’ you’ve been putting off!

Something may be happening in the background, unseen by you. If you have just started something new; a new job, relationship or project, you just may not yet be aware of the underlying complexity of the situation. Keep things simple for now, and learn and grow as you need to. Don’t rush to an end goal, be happy where you are.


In the future position, The Fool can represent a future of freedom and adventure. This is especially good if you are currently unhappy with your life, as you can be sure that things will change when they need to.

The Fool can also represent an uncertain future. Perhaps you never settle or focus on a goal, but keep changing your direction for whatever reason. The value of a life is hard to measure. You should work towards your passions in life, even if this means never fully mastering them.

Not wholly positive, the Fool in the future position is a mixed sign. You should analyse the present to understand the future. The Fool is a young card, full of energy and motivation, but lacking a solid, thought out idea. Consider the theme of your reading carefully, as well as other cards, when you draw the Fool in the future position.

anime style fool tarot card holding a white dog

Work, careers and education

The Fool when relating to your professional life can represent a new start; for example a career change, a new focus at school. Why are you on your current path? Is there anything you’d rather be doing?

Ask yourself these questions and follow the path you desire, not one which you are simply expected to follow.

The Fool can also represent a small, but likely growing chance of quitting everything and going your own way. Look into entrepreneurship, as it is likely that you will prefer to work alone. The Fool is somewhat solitary, but that is only because he is just starting out.

Don’t be afraid of starting over when you see The Fool drawn for your career. A junior position on the right track is better than a senior position in a job that is not right for you.

Love and Relationships

If you’re single and looking, expect to start something new when you see The Fool show up in reference to relationships. Be wary of jumping in without thinking things through. Any existing relationship can change suddenly, but don’t think of this as a negative thing. Expect change, but also expect change for the better.

While the Fool can represent a new relationship, it can also represent a more short lived connection. The Fool does not suggest love is right around the corner, but it doesn’t count it out fully either. Expect a positive situation to arise when it comes to love, but don’t count on this becoming a guaranteed, long term relationship.


Taking some risks might be worth it when The Fool shows up in relation to money. When it comes to money and luck, we usually default to the idea that risks are not worth it. Sometimes, taking a risky bet pays off. As the general theme of this card plays out, expect a change of your current wealth, channelled through a new avenue in your life.

The Fool can also represent a change in your wealth, likely for the better, but potentially for the worse. You are going to learn to deal with how your life changes when your needs change.

Health and well-being

The Fool can represent a child when it comes to health, both spiritual and mentally. A child doesn’t like complications, and especially doesn’t like being held back.

Treat yourself well and keep things simple. Mental health is very important, so try new things when given the option. Become the person who says ‘Yes’ to every opportunity offered.

Other associations

Element : Air

Astrological sign: Uranus

As a Yes or No question: Yes

Crystal: Orange Carnelian


Innocence, beginnings, ignorance, carelessness, setting off on a journey, the first step, shoshin, rebellion