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Welcome to Tarot Nova! This is the first post. Exciting, isn’t it? Tarot Nova began in Spring 2019, with the aim to be the #1 free resource for Tarot online. Let’s start with a bit of history first!

Back when I was learning to read Tarot cards, I felt there were too many resources to learn and I wasn’t sure which I could trust. The little white book which came with my first deck, the Rider-Waite, was helpful, but honestly, I just didn’t like it. It was very vague and it didn’t give me what I needed.

Further searching took me to a number of resources; some good websites, some great books, but something bothered me. Why were there so many differences between these? Surely if Tarot were an actual practice, there would be some set guidelines? It’s frustrating to see the definitions for a card in one place are completely different to a definition present elsewhere.

With this in mind, I decided to start a website to pool all the knowledge I had gathered into one place to try to create a ‘definitive’ guide to tarot. That turned into my website; Tarot-Explained. Tarot-Explained was a great experience. I spent years creating and curating the content in order to have a base resource for those learning tarot, and also for others more experienced to check back to.

In January of this year, I felt it was time to let go of Tarot-Explained and start a new journey. ( See the final post here! ). Tarot Nova is that journey. Tarot-Explained was a lumbering beast, and I feel now that a more streamlined approach is needed. Tarot Nova is going to be an easy to read yet concise reference for Tarot cards, meanings, spreads, associations and other relation divinatory techniques.

There will still be card meanings, and spread layouts, but I also want to grow a community and open up the website to other contributors to have a more well rounded view of Tarot as a hobby, lifestyle and profession.

Currently, I’m writing every card description to make them easier to read and easier to interpret. As these are being built, I’ll be reworking the spreads and writing frequent blog posts, and hopefully inviting contributors to do the same!

For now, The Fool and The Magician have been written, so be sure to check them out. The Major Arcana will be finished in order, and then onto the Minor Arcana. It’s going to be quite a feat. I hope you stick around and see this site grow. For now there is a lot empty, and likely a lot of missing links!

If you’d like to contribute, then by all means get in touch via Facebook


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