Ace of Cups – Tarot card meaning

Ace of Cups - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The Ace of Cups is the first card in the Cups suit. Like all Aces, The Ace of Cups represents a beginning, creation and potential. Cups generally represent our emotions through life.

The Ace of Cups can strongly signify a new emotional connection; a new romantic interest, a child, a new close connection, a passion you are living through; perhaps a new job you instantly love.

Expect to find something you can pour your heart and soul into, the Ace of Cups is a positive card to draw when you are about to start something completely new.

Card meanings


The Ace of Cups in the past position can represent a past passion or love. It depends on the theme of your reading, but a past emotional connection to a person, object, hobby or event is key here.

When we find a new passion, it can take over our lives in a good way. You may need to think back to a time when you were engrossed in something so much that it motivated you to succeed.

Perhaps this was your true calling in life which you have forgotten about.


The Ace of Cups is a good card to draw in the present position. It can represent you entering a good state of emotional and mental health. You may be priming yourself to tackle an upcoming challenge with enthusiasm, especially if you have felt uninspired or lacking motivation recently.

Current obstacles should be treated as learning experiences. When you see something which makes you shy away, simply refactor that emotion. Shyness is no longer the feeling of shyness, it is now the feeling of preparing yourself to combat a challenge.


The Ace of Cups in the future can represent an oncoming challenge which you will overcome. This will very well be related to something you are passionate about, and while it will be a lot of work to achieve, you will more than enjoy the process.

For me I consider this website, Tarot Nova. It is a lot of hard work, but I enjoy it very much. Persistence is the key. Tasks that are so large can be broken down into smaller workloads.

Passion is what keeps us going in life, you have to love what you do or you are wasting your most precious resource, time.

Work, careers and education

The Ace of Cups strongly represents a new job or professional career move, and likely a good one compared to your previous ones. Expect this job to tie in with your life goals, even if you haven’t realised them yet. This is a positive step.

As you may expect, this is a good card to draw for your working life if you have been looking fora job for some time. If related to education, then expect a move towards your passions to take over your life. It can be tough to choose between our heart and heads when it comes to choosing our future at college or university.

Our head will look for an option that will eventually pay well, or have other logical benefits. Our heart will tell us to chase our dreams. Look for something in between these.

Love and Relationships

The Ace of Cups is a good card to draw if you are single and looking for love, as you can expect a new relationship to form soon. If you’re in a committed relationship, don’t think this means someone new will come along! It can simply means things will feel ‘new’ again.

Relationships change over time, from lust to love to companionship. This is normal, but it isn’t to say it should be at all boring to have a partner you are so familiar with.

The Ace of Cups when you are in a relationship can suggest you finding out something new about each other which paves the way for a deeper, more committed relationship.


The Ace of Pentacles relating to money is another good sign, especially if things aren’t going too well right now. Expect to turn over a new leaf; this could mean that you find a little extra to save every month.

The Ace of Cups can also mean that you should look to put your passions first. Maybe there is a way to turn your hobbies and talents into something you can live off.

Expect something to manifest itself; you may get a lucky break seemingly out of nowhere.

Health and well-being

The Ace of Cups is a positive card, and so is a good card to draw when you are reading for your health. Things are likely to improve, and you should be feeling healthy in yourself in the near future.

Other associations

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes


A new leaf, burgeoning passions, beginnings, love, growth, success

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