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Rider Waite Major Arcana - Justice

Justice is the eleventh Major Arcana card. Justice is a concept we all know, and sometimes experience first hand on the receiving end. Sometimes we can interpret the Justice card literally; somebody is going to have their comeuppance.

Justice can put you in the position of power, given the choice to make a decision which will affect another. When you see the Justice card show up in a spread, you can expect to see some sort of conclusion, usually for the best.

Justice is dealt to those who commit misdeeds. Expect the world to return to balance. Justice may simply be a case of a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question being answered. While it may not seem like a positive card, it usually is. Balance and karma are being restored.

Remember that Justice can be dealt from either yourself or others. You may be the dealer of justice, or the person for whom it is being dealt to.

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At a glance

The Justice card is a tarot card that is associated with fairness, balance, and the ability to make sound decisions. It typically depicts a woman seated on a throne, holding a sword in one hand and a scale in the other. The sword represents the ability to cut through illusions and deception, while the scale represents the need for balance and fairness in decision making.

The Justice card suggests that you are fair and just, and that you have the ability to make sound and balanced decisions. It indicates that you are able to see both sides of a situation and to weigh the pros and cons in order to make a decision that is fair and just. The Justice card can also represent a need for clarity and honesty, indicating that you are seeking to be transparent and truthful in your interactions with others.

In some readings, the Justice card can indicate that you are being supported and guided by a higher power or spiritual guide who is helping you to make fair and balanced decisions. This guide may be a teacher, mentor, or trusted friend who can offer wisdom and guidance as you navigate difficult situations and decisions. The Justice card can also suggest that you are being called to use your fairness and sense of justice to help others, and to make a positive impact in the world.

Overall, the Justice card is a reminder of your own fairness.

Card meanings


In the past position, Justice can represent a choice you had to make concerning others and their actions. Maybe you didn’t agree with something that a friend did and decided to cut contact. Perhaps you were the mediator between a dispute.

You may have made a choice that is affecting others to this day. Was it the correct choice? Concerning yourself, you may have overruled your desires and made a choice on pure logic and rules. Is it working out as you had planned?

Justice can also represent a time when you were judged and found guilty. You may have hidden your true motives and you were found out, or a secret you had kept was uncovered.


You may be involved in a big decision in the near future. It could also mean that somebody is thinking about you, especially if you have done something to hurt them.

Justice in the present position can represent the choice lingering over your head. You haven’t made a decision yet, though you may be leaning more towards one side. It probably isn’t best to follow your self interest here. Go with the greater good.

Karma is a rule of existence, and the universe demands balance. If somebody has wronged you, then you should weigh up the benefits and negatives of your relationship with them. It can be so beneficial to cut somebody negative out of your life.


Expect a large decision if you continue on your current path. It will likely be one of two choices. One of these choices will likely be the ‘right’ choice, and the other will be the ‘wrong’ one. This can impact any aspect of your life, so consider the aim of the reading when Justice is drawn in the future position.

If you’re asking about relationships, Justice in the future will likely mean a choice between a relationship or being single, or potentially between two partners.

Justice usually means that whatever trial you are working through will come to a conclusion in the future. Your problems are not eternal. Know that what bothers you now will have no impact later on.

Work, careers and education

Justice can be about balance, and this is strongly reflected when asking about careers and your professional life. Don’t go overboard and overwork yourself. If you are directionless or struggling in any other way, make a decision and stick to it.

Choose one project, choose one path. It’s easy to get lost in possibilities, but you will waste more time thinking than if you act on one possibility, fail, and then try the next. Failure is not wrong, just a step towards your goal. Make a choice, if it fails then at least you know you can stop and try something else.

Justice in relation to work can also show that balance is required You may need to request some time off, or for work to be distributed more evenly, especially if you’re taking on somebody else’s burden.

Love and Relationships

Expect to make a decision soon enough in any of your relationships. if you’re asking about a partner, then something may have happened which is irreconcilable; prepare for the worst in any case. Sometimes we can make amends after a decision has been made.

The key is to not be stuck in a purgatory, thinking things could happen when they can’t. Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and leave. If you’re single then there’s a chance you’ll have a potential relationship start up soon. Just be open for it.

Have balance in your life if you’re single. Mastery of your self is a very attractive quality. You may need to make the decision to cut something unhealthy out of your life, but you know it will be for the best.


Justice is a good card for money and wealth. Especially if you are owed money by another. It may come to you without you even asking.

If you are in debt though, consider paying this back as soon as you are able. Someone may give you money out of the blue, unexpected. If you feel it is justified, take it, but be sure there are no other motives.

Health and well-being

You need to express self discipline in your life and account for the balance that the Justice card symbolises. It could be time to make that decision relating to your health that you have been putting off.

Try that diet, go vegan, start exercising, practice yoga. Whatever it is you have been putting off, now is the time to finally make the decision and go for it.

Justice, as you may have noticed, reminds you to make a decision and stick to it. You know if you treat your body badly that it will come back and bite you.

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Other associations

Element: Water

Astrology: Libra

As a Yes or No question: Not simply a Yes or No answer can be given, look for the choice which benefits the most people, or the choice which is more moral

Crystal: Jade


Karma, Balance, Truth, Mediation, Integrity

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