Page of Cups – Tarot card meaning

Page of Cups - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The Page of Cups is the eleventh Cups card. Pages are often seen as messengers; their meaning should be of great importance to you. Pages can also represent younger children, or yourself as a child.

The Page of Cups represents your childlike side; your desires of the past and the good feelings of nostalgia you have thinking back.

When you see the Page of Cups, it can help to remind yourself of your true self. Are you putting up a facade and taking yourself too seriously right now?

At a glance

The Page of Cups is a tarot card that belongs to the Minor Arcana suit of Cups, which represents emotions, feelings, and relationships. This card is often associated with creativity, intuition, and emotional intelligence. It can indicate a time of new beginnings, self-discovery, and exploring one’s feelings and emotions.

In a reading, the Page of Cups often signifies a time of emotional exploration and self-discovery. It can indicate that you are feeling more in tune with your feelings and emotions, and that you are more open to exploring your creative side. This card can also suggest that you are more receptive to your intuition and inner guidance, and may be more open to following your heart and taking risks.

The Page of Cups can also indicate a time of emotional vulnerability and openness. It can suggest that you are more willing to share your feelings and emotions with others, and that you are more open to forming deep and meaningful connections. This card can encourage you to embrace your emotions and be more authentic in your relationships.

In terms of relationships, the Page of Cups can indicate a time of new beginnings and exploration. It can suggest that you are open to forming new connections and exploring new relationships, or that you are willing to take risks and follow your heart in your current relationships. This card can encourage you to be open and authentic with others, and to be open to new experiences and opportunities.

In a more practical sense, the Page of Cups can indicate a time of abundance and prosperity. It can suggest that you are able to tap into your creative potential and explore new opportunities and ideas, which can lead to personal and professional growth and success.

Overall, the Page of Cups is a positive and uplifting card that suggests a time of emotional exploration and self-discovery. If this card appears in your reading, it may be a sign to embrace your feelings and emotions, and to be open to new beginnings and opportunities.

Card meanings


The Page of Cups in the past position is a strong signal that it represents your childhood. You may have been a much different child compared to how you’ve turned out as an adult.

Some of us feel that we never grow up, others feel we grow up too soon. Taking some of that childlike energy you used to have and injecting it into your life now will help you out.

A child isn’t bothered by what others think of them, they just do what they feel is natural or fun to do. Take some time off, live and play.


Expect something extraordinary if you are close to a child in your life. Perhaps they will do something out of the ordinary or completely unexpected.

The Page of Cups in the present position usually means good news; especially of an emotional nature. You may meet somebody younger than you soon, maybe younger than you are comfortable with for a friendship or relationship. Don’t negate the idea simply because of a number.

Consider your emotions in your day to day life when you see the Page of Cups; don’t overthink your issues or blow problems out of proportion.


The Page of Cups in the future position can show that you aren’t yet truly prepared for the tasks that are about to come. Like a child, you may not fully understand the situation enough to be able to make a judgement.

This may be especially prevalent when looking to a future career; you may not have the best path in mind. Look to the theme of your reading, and the other cards you have dealt in your spread when you draw the Page of Cups in the future position.

What could you be unprepared for? Look for a mentor, someone to guide you through. A child needs a parent.

Work, careers and education

Consider if this current job, or place of education is right for you. Are you in over your head? There is no shame in changing.

The Page of Cups when relating to your career can represent a change for the better. Perhaps this means a new job more suited to you, a new course of study with which you find more interest.

Consider your childhood desires when thinking about the future of your professional life.

Love and Relationships

Somebody younger than you may become a romantic interest. The Page of Cups resonates with youth. Look to your past for new connections.

It may be best to keep things simple for now, this is whether you are single or in a relationship. Simplicity isn’t bad by any means, it can be the most pure form of connection.

There are no hidden agendas or double meanings when you treat things simply at face value.


The Page of Cups is a positive sign when it comes to money, but not in the way that you might expect. There should be no need for concerning yourself with money in the near future, but this may just be because you aren’t interested in what it can do for you.

A key meaning of the Page of Cups is simplicity, and sometimes money brings great complications into our lives. Money comes and goes, don’t lament a great loss, there is no need to celebrate a large gain.

Health and well-being

You should be in a good state of health when you see the Page of Cups. Don’t ignore any feelings; make them know. Consider when a child is hurt,they make sure everybody knows.

This can be especially relevant when it comes to your mental health. Don’t suffer in silence. Illness can strike us at any time, and dealing with it sooner rather than later is going to be better in every possible scenario.

As the Page of Cups represents childhood, then even if it a long shot, consider the announcement of a child into your life a strong possibility; be it through a birth or other means.

Other associations

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Simplicity, youth, messages, wonder