King of Pentacles – Tarot card meaning

King of Pentacles - Rider Waite Minor Arcana - Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is the final Pentacle card. Kings can be seen the embody the entire suit as well having meanings of his own. King cards are are a very important card to draw; The message of the King of Pentacles is not to be taken lightly.

The King of Pentacles represents leadership, authority and success. Importantly, look to see if there are any other Pentacle cards in your spread. The effects of these cards should be greater than usual.

Card meanings


The King of Pentacles in the Past position can represent forward, protective thinking. You might have seen an event coming to a bad end and stopped it before it took place.

Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and examine all of your options; impulse control is a skill we can all learn. Certain aspects of the Pentacle suit resonate with delayed gratification, and the King does also.


The King of Pentacles in the present position can represent both looking for and giving advice. Look for somebody who has been through your struggle before.

Help those who ask for advice from you. You should be at a plateau in life currently; having recently reached a comfortable stage in life, you should have time to think about your future.

As said, look for others to point you in the right direction. Kings have advisers for a reason; a group decision is stronger than the sole decision of a leader.


The King of Pentacles in the future position represents a prosperous future if you are willing to put the work in for it.

Consider your knowledge and how you can use it to your advantage, There may even be a way to live off your talents if you are willing to work for it.

Start today if you have a goal in mind, take steps towards your end goal. You may have skills in areas you haven’t even explored yet, so look to branch out.

Despite having a focus on money, you may slowly be becoming to see that it isn’t all about how much you earn, or the nice things you possess.

Work, careers and education

The King of Pentacles in regards to work or education can suggest finding, or becoming a mentor. Where are you in your current position? The transfer of knowledge is one of the most powerful acts you can be a part of.

It may be a good idea to branch out on your own, if this is possible. Having learned everything you can from where you are currently, it would be a waste to not use the skills you have learned.

Love and Relationships

The King of Pentacles is a good sign when it comes to finding love. Somebody may come along when you least expect it. You should just go with the flow. Expect a new level of maturity in an existing relationship, as you’ve both come to know each other deeply.


The King of Pentacles in regards to money is another good sign. It suggests branching out and making your own decisions. The King instructs others, so you should look to take control of your finances.

Generally your finances should look to improve over the short term. Make only sensible purchases however; you should be mature enough by now to realise what you should and shouldn’t be buying.

Health and well-being

The King of Pentacles is a mature card and this is reflected when drawn for health and well-being. You should take an adult approach to life; you know what is right and wrong, good and bad.

Consider adopting a role model for your future health concerns, who do you admire? Who do you want to be like? This can be the same for your mental health too? What sort of outlook do you want to have in life? What sort of person do you want to be?

Other associations

Element: Earth

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Leadership, self control, discipline, material wealth

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