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Queen of Cups - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The Queen of Cups is the thirteenth card in the suit of Cups. She is sometimes called “The Mother of Cups”, and rightly so. Thirteen isn’t an unlucky number in Tarot, this fact is backed up by the Queen of Cups being one of the most loving, nurturing and caring cards.

The Queen of Cups usually represents a powerful female figure in your life, along with feelings of maternity, maturing and sensitivity.

Card meanings


The Queen of Cups in the past position can represent a strong female presence, either recently or in your childhood. This can be a loving mother, a teacher, a family friend. She likely acted as an archetype, you may have compared other people you knew to her.

Her influence is still very strong in your life. The Queen of Cups can also represent your past, again recent or remote, where you acted maturely, possibly as a mediator.

It can take a lot of mental strength to understand and sympathise with both sides of an argument, and bring the debate to a close without escalating things. You may have managed this, and people remember you for it.


The Queen of Cups can represent the trials you are currently going through, but it also gives guidance on how to proceed. Rise above the little details and you may become a more caring person by doing so.

Look to help others, especially those who are too afraid to ask for help. You may be observing a situation from afar; if you feel the need to, then by all means step in to stop things getting worse.


The Queen of Cups in the future position can represent a trial in the future; you’re going to have to be mature to get through it. This can involve solving a dispute, caring for somebody in need or possibly be a patient listener, with advice ready.

A lot is said for finding a cure for a problem, but nursing somebody back to health is a worthy endeavour. You may have to be the foundation for others as they get back to their full strength.

Work, careers and education

The Queen of Cups in your professional life can represent a strong female influence; a role model you are aspiring to be like, or perhaps a colleague or teacher who is pushing you in the right direction.

You may need to dedicate yourself more to your working life; let it become a part of you. Put the extra effort in and you will see more leniency, better perks, and maybe a clearer path to the top.

Love and Relationships

The Queen of Cups can represent a mature woman, likely one older than yourself. All face cards in a suit usually represent a person. The Queen of Cups is generally a good sign when it comes to love.

Expect a relationship without needless drama; you are both too mature now to bicker and argue over small issues. Don’t let a relationship take over your life; realise you’ll both need space to live and grow.


The Queen of Cups is shows a sensibility and maturity when it comes to money. You won’t be buying things you don’t need. You should look into turning a creative hobby into a business if you have the time and talent.

You may enjoy it very much. If you are doing well with money, you may be able to give advice to others on their money issues. Don’t be pushy, but if they ask for help, then by all means help them out.

Health and well-being

The Queen of Cups is a good sign for health. Cups generally are a positive suit. As Cups deal with emotions and feelings, you should consider the state of your mental health.

You should be taking care of yourself; especially giving yourself time to heal any wounds. If you’ve been acting to help others a lot recently, then take extra time to do something alone. Physically, things should be fine or improving.

Other associations

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Mothering, maturity, empathy, wisdom, virtue

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