King of Cups – Tarot card meaning

King of Cups - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The King of Cups is the final card in the Cups suit. The king of Cups is a master of emotions. Emotions are typically a feminine aspect of occult belief. The King of Cups represents this balance and combination of both male and female.

The King of Cups represents good solid advice, careful authority and integrity.

Card meanings


Consider how you have acted in the recent and remote past. Are you proud of your history? The King of Cups, while a good balance of emotion and action, can still represent somebody in power.

You may have made good decisions at the time. Look back to that integrity now. You can’t make decisions solely for personal gain now that the situation may have changed. Remember that power corrupts, and this isn’t something to be proud of.


The King of Cups in the present position can represent a tough upcoming decision, related to an issue which is rooted in your emotional well-being or opinions.

The best choice might not always be one which you agree with, so you’re going to have to be mature enough to take the loss here for the greater good. The King of Cups in the present position can also represent somebody you know who is able to give you good solid advice.

Having a heart to heart chat with a friend can help you understand situations for a different angle.


The King of Cups is a good card to draw generally, and this is no different in the future position. The King can represent you; you have attained and mastered your own abilities and emotions and you are sure of yourself.

You may grow into a role model for others. Remember that you can’t get there alone, you need help along the way. Helping others and being helped is not a weakness. As humans our strengths are amplified by others and our weaknesses diminished.

Work, careers and education

The King of Cups may show that you need to impress your superiors, either colleagues or teachers.

They might have the wrong impression of you and you will need to prove them wrong. Use your experiences in the past; you or somebody you know may be going through a situation you have already been through.

This knowledge is golden, and you should give it freely. You can gain a lot of respect by helping out somebody you barely know, for no gain of your own

Love and Relationships

The King of Cups is a positive card when love is concerned. If you’re in a relationship, then allow it to grow into a more stable and mature version of itself.

If you’re single, then consider an older partner, and likely somebody you are already familiar with. You may need to make clear decisions relating to your emotions; and in some cases this can represent you initiating a breakup.

It may have been a long time coming. While there should be no rush, make it clear, you cannot exist in an in-between state when it comes to relationships.


The King of Cups reflects a maturity about money. No longer will your emotions be tied simply to things which you can buy.

You should look to use money for it’s higher purpose; creating opportunity and stability. Sometimes a hard decision will need to be made.

Health and well-being

Health is not a concern of the King of Cups. A master of emotions, he looks to the bigger picture. If you have something bothering you in life, expect to rise above it.

You shouldn’t be afraid of anything in your life. Fear can be solved by breaking it down into sizeable pieces and dealing with each piece.

Other associations

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Maturity, balance, help, integrity, authority , generosity

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