Rider Waite Major Arcana - The World

The World is the twenty-first numbered, and final Major Arcana. After The World, the cycle returns to the beginning to start again. The Major Arcana represents a journey, and when the journey is over, another begins.

The World represents completion, the end of the cycle, and the nature of starting again on a new path.

Now at the end, you can look back at what you have achieved and what you have been through, before looking forward and seeing what future goals exist for you to conquer. Surviving through Judgement, you are your best qualities are moving forwards.

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At a glance

The World tarot card is associated with completion, wholeness, and integration. It typically depicts a figure dancing within a wreath, representing the completion of a cycle and the attainment of wholeness. The wreath also represents the integration of the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water – and the harmony that results from this integration.

The World card suggests that you are feeling complete and fulfilled, and that you have attained a sense of wholeness and balance in your life. It indicates that you are able to bring different elements together in harmony, and that you are able to embrace all aspects of yourself in order to create unity and wholeness. The World card can also represent a need for expansion and exploration, indicating that you are being called to venture out into the world and to experience all that it has to offer.

In some readings, the World card can indicate that you are being supported and guided by a higher power or spiritual guide who is helping you to achieve wholeness and balance in your life. This guide may be a teacher, mentor, or trusted friend who can offer wisdom and guidance as you navigate the challenges and obstacles of life. The World card can also suggest that you are being called to use your own experiences of wholeness and balance to help others, and to make a positive impact in the world.

Overall, the World card is a reminder of the importance of wholeness and balance in our lives. It suggests that you are feeling complete and fulfilled, and that you have attained a sense of unity and harmony. It indicates that you are being supported and guided on your journey, and that you have the potential to make a positive impact in the world.

Card meanings


The World in the past position can represent an ‘old you’. Have you reinvented yourself in life? Look back and think about what kind of person you used to be, and how you’ve grown. Time exists linearly, and in cycles.

During our younger, teenage and young adult years, we go through many phases, it’s just a way of us finding out who we are. Some of these phases may have resonated with you, and others not. Pick and choose the best qualities you wish to express.

Dates progress, but we often work within the same repeating patterns. Time is both cyclical and linear. We set goals, achieve them, and set new goals. Use your past as a benchmark, and try to do better next time.

Learning from our mistakes is important, as we shouldn’t need to reinvent the wheel each time we learn something new. Look to Judgement for this; cull the bad before you start something new.

The World in the past position can make you think about negative qualities which have survived many of these cycles.


You may be coming to the end of a chapter in life when you see The World in the present position. You may have just passed it. This could be something like graduating, or starting (or ending) a job or relationship.

After an achievement, it’s normal for us to move out of ordinary life for a while so we can adjust, before moving back into it. There should be no need to push yourself when you feel like this.

You might not know where you are headed now, but that is all part of the fun. Don’t worry about it, you’re just here for the ride. Things may feel tough but it’s only for the short term; the weight will come and go quickly.


The World in the future position can represent a longing for a long-term goal. You may have the desire to achieve something great without having any idea of what it actually is. All energy and no direction. You may want to start something new now, a little side project or goal, simply to have something to direct your energy towards. Better to focus anywhere and improve than nowhere and waste it.

The World can also represent a great achievement in future. If you know what you’re working towards, then that’s great! If you’re still unsure, then see what life is offering you, and analyse the possible paths ahead.

Work with others to help them achieve their goals, and you may gain more clarity on your own.

Work, careers and education

The World in relation to work and education can mean the end of your normal working routine. Something is going to change. In an obvious sense, you may have just quit a job, or finished your final exam at school.

While this is a great achievement, never lose sight of your real goal in life. We need to keep growing to escape the mundane, dull aspects of life.

The World can be refreshing to see in your professional life. Sometimes it’s just enough to see a light at the end of the tunnel; to know that whatever you’re doing right now even has an end. A boring dull job becomes much more manageable when you realise there are only a few months to go.

Love and Relationships

The World can be both a good and bad sign in relationships. You can expect a romantic relationship to end naturally here. It may have run it’s course, and you can expect a mutual break-up. This may not be a sad situation, but it could be unexpected at first.

The World is a good sign if you are single and looking, as it shows your time alone is likely coming to an end. Look for a partner who is on the same journey as you, at a similar stage, and you can both start the next step together.

The World can also remind you to expand your horizons. The World has more possibilities and chances than we can ever hope to seize.


Expect change when you see The World in regards to finances. This can be good or bad depending on your current situation. If you are doing well, then you may be about to put your money away for a long term in some sort of investment. You may also expect a large payout on some long term investment or deal.

If things aren’t going so well, then it may be a good idea to rethink how you can change. If you are a material person, then look to give up this trait. What do you really keep with you that has value? Certainly, material possessions have value both physical and spiritual, but don’t overindulge; you should know your limits.

Health and well-being

You should be doing well when you see The World draw in relation to health. Something new may be on the horizon which will affect your life in a very positive way. This could be the adoption of a new diet or exercise regime which you will stick with.

The World represents completion, but also the ending. If you aren’t doing so well mentally or physically, expect things to improve very quickly, as you prepare yourself for your next stage in life.

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Other associations

Element: Earth

Astrology: Saturn

As a Yes or No question: Yes

Crystal: Onyx


Completion, balance, cycle, infinity, endless