Seven of Pentacles – Tarot card meaning

Seven of Pentacles - Rider Waite Minor Arcana - Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is quite a pleasant card. First consider the illustration; a man rests after tending to his crops. Clearly he has put the work in to grow them, and now he works to maintain and reap the fruits. He is in it for the long term, having delayed his gratification for a greater payout in the long run.

The Seven of Pentacles represents long term benefits, foresight and perseverance.

Card meanings


The Seven of Pentacles in the past position can represent a period of hard work. You realise all you had to do was to work consistently to see results pay off.

Giving up is sometimes an option, but by applying yourself to a task without stopping, you are more likely than most to achieve. Consider the past; what have you achieved that was a lot of hard work. What are you proud of having accomplished? Think about those memories and use them to fuel you forward.


Slow and steady wins the race. You won’t burn out too soon and you’ll have enough energy to tackle the bumps and troughs of the future. The Seven of Pentacles in the present position represents the gradual workload you are taking on.

You may feel like you are plodding through life but if you look deeper, you’ll see how far you’ve come. The Seven of Pentacles is a good card to see in the present position.

There may be future struggles but you will start to realise that you can tackle them. Expect gradual upward growth in your life.


The Seven of Pentacles in the future position suggests a future of slow, sensible and steady growth. Start now; begin a long term project you’ve always wanted to do. Learn an instrument, learn to paint or sing.

The best time to start something new was yesterday. The second best time is now. The Seven of Pentacles in the future is only relevant if you have something to work on.

Work, careers and education

The Seven of Pentacles in regards to your career is a great sign. The general theme of the Seven of Pentacles is gradual upward growth, so this is always nice to see when your job or education is concerned.

Look to keep working and growing, taking on more responsibilities and becoming a more invaluable employee. If you are in education, then simply work towards your passions. Play to your strengths.

Love and Relationships

Expect a growing relationship when you see the Seven of Pentacles. Love is on the cards, but more of a familiar, comforting love as opposed to a new spark in your life.

The Seven of Pentacles is a brilliant sign if you are already in a relationship. You should expect to reach a comfortable and familiar stage with each other.

If you are single, the Seven of Pentacles can represent needing some time alone to grow yourself. This doesn’t, however, mean secluding yourself. Look to catch up with some existing friends and enjoy your own company. Things will come in time.


The Seven of Pentacles is a very good sign for wealth. Expect consistent if gradual growth in regards to your finances. Be sensible with your finances, and try to delay your gratification if you don’t already.

Look to things you can start now which will pay off later; a savings account, an investment, a side hustle. If you aren’t so happy with your job, look for a side business you can run. It can change your life!

Health and well-being

You should already be taking care of yourself when you see the Seven of Pentacles. It’s possible you’re recovering from an illness or event.

Give yourself time. Why should there be a rush? Live your life as you can and wait for your body and mind to heal themselves. Don’t fight it, just go with the flow.

Other associations

Element: Earth

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Growth, increase, , tradition, persistence, patience

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