Knight of Cups - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The Knight of Cups is the most charming and empathetic of the Knights. The Knights as a whole can be considered more mature, more worldly than their Page counterparts.

The Knight is sent out into the world, and the Knight of Cups reflects this; representing change for the better and new opportunities.

At a glance

The Knight of Cups is a tarot card that belongs to the Minor Arcana suit of Cups, which represents emotions, feelings, and relationships. This card is often associated with creativity, inspiration, and emotional intelligence. It can indicate a time of exploration, self-discovery, and following one’s passions.

In a reading, the Knight of Cups often signifies a time of exploration and self-discovery. It can indicate that you are feeling more in touch with your feelings and emotions, and that you are more open to exploring your creative side. This card can also suggest that you are inspired to follow your passions and pursue your dreams, and may be more open to taking risks and following your heart.

The Knight of Cups can also indicate a time of emotional vulnerability and openness. It can suggest that you are more willing to share your feelings and emotions with others, and that you are more open to forming deep and meaningful connections. This card can encourage you to embrace your emotions and be more authentic in your relationships.

In terms of relationships, the Knight of Cups can indicate a time of exploration and new beginnings. It can suggest that you are open to forming new connections and exploring new relationships, or that you are willing to take risks and follow your heart in your current relationships. This card can encourage you to be open and authentic with others, and to be open to new experiences and opportunities.

In a more practical sense, the Knight of Cups can indicate a time of abundance and prosperity. It can suggest that you are able to tap into your creative potential and explore new opportunities and ideas, which can lead to personal and professional growth and success.

Overall, the Knight of Cups is a positive and uplifting card that suggests a time of exploration and self-discovery. If this card appears in your reading, it may be a sign to embrace your feelings and emotions, and to be open to new beginnings and opportunities.

Card meanings


The Knight of Cups in the past position can represent someone who came into your life recently. They are likely already having an effect on you. They might be unique, and very attractive, though not always in a romantic sense.

The Knight of Cups regarding the past can also represent a high point in your life; perhaps you were spontaneous and pushed yourself further than you knew you could go. You should channel this energy now, you are capable of much more than you currently limit yourself to.


The Knight of Cups in the Present position can represent a state of balance, currently in your life. You may just be able to embark on a journey; be this an actual journey, travelling through the world, or your journey through life, as you take on another stage. If you’re feeling stuck, consider your past successes.

What did you do and enjoy when you were younger? You can still do those things now. Life is a struggle, but to struggle well is to live. To live well, is a struggle.


The Knight of Cups can represent a future of optimism and action if you are willing to put the hard work in. Overcoming our emotions and prejudiced and becomes masters of ourselves is a noble goal. You may receive good news soon regarding your future.

Consider the theme of your reading, as well as the other cards in your spread. Harden your resolve, clear your mind and have clear goals about what you want to do. A goal is nothing when compared to an achievement.

Everybody wants to do well, but only some actually achieve.

Work, careers and education

Expect good news in your professional life when you draw the Knight of Cups. Good messages can come in all sorts of forms, so this may be a promotion, a job offer, a college acceptance, for instance.

You may be able to offer some creative solutions to your workplace. As cliche as it sounds, think outside of the box. things should generally be going quite well, or the above may have just recently happened. Keep riding the wave.

Love and Relationships

The Knight of Cups is good news if you are about to, or are awaiting, a proposal of marriage. Good news is always good news in a relationship.

The arriving aspect of the Knight can also represent birth, so be prepared if this is currently an option in your life. The Knight of Cups shines if you are single and looking for a partner. Expect to find a prospective partner very soon.


The Knight of Cups is a good sign for wealth; and can mean that you’ll soon receive some good news. Perhaps you have money you’ve forgotten about, or something you have invested in will finally pay off.

We often blow our money issues out of proportion. Are you living within your means? Many people get into debt when they don’t need to. Perhaps there is a better deal on what you buy; perhaps you are spending money when there is a free option available.

Health and well-being

Good news is incoming when you see the Knight of Cups relating to health.

This is great if you are waiting back for results, but also a pat on the back if you have been working to keep yourself healthy recently.

The Knight of Cups can help our mental health too; knowing that there is good news coming will keep us working towards it. Life is a struggle, but a struggle doesn’t always necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Other associations

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Seduction, attraction, good news