The Hierophant – Tarot card meaning

Rider Waite Major Arcana - The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the fifth card within the Major Arcana. Sometimes called ‘The Pope’, or ‘The High Priest’ to become an opposite of The High Priestess. The Hierophant has similar values to The Emperor, as you may expect; a religious leader shares similar values with a sovereign leader.

The Hierophant represents the spiritual side of your life more than the mundane, especially your spiritual, or religious side. He sits on a throne, like The Emperor, and sits between two pillars, like the High Priestess. The Hierophant is knowledgeable about the expanded mysteries of the universe.

The imagery within the card here shows that the Hierophant shares qualities of these cards. Take note if you happen to draw the Hierophant along with either the Emperor or High Priestess.

The Hierophant is a difficult card to interpret at first glance. Rightly so, as ‘Hierophant’ is not a common word in our current language, but refers to a priest or religious leader with esoteric knowledge, which is possibly hidden from the masses.

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At a glance

The Hierophant is a tarot card that is associated with tradition, wisdom, and spiritual guidance. It typically depicts a man seated on a throne, holding a scepter in one hand and a key in the other. He is surrounded by two acolytes, representing his role as a spiritual leader and guide.

The Hierophant card suggests that you are seeking wisdom and guidance from a higher power or spiritual source. It indicates that you are open to traditional forms of wisdom and guidance, and that you are willing to learn from those who have come before you. The Hierophant card can also represent a need for structure and a sense of belonging, indicating that you are seeking a sense of community and connection with others.

In some readings, the Hierophant card can indicate that you are being guided by a higher power or spiritual guide who is helping you to access wisdom and knowledge. This guide may be a teacher, mentor, or trusted friend who can help you to navigate through challenges and obstacles. The Hierophant card can also suggest that you are being called to use your spiritual wisdom and knowledge to help others, and to make a positive impact in the world.

Overall, the Hierophant card is a reminder of your own spiritual wisdom and the value of seeking guidance from others. It suggests that you are open to learning from traditional sources of wisdom, and that you are being supported and guided on your journey. It indicates that you have the potential to create a sense of community and connection with others, and to use your wisdom and knowledge to make a positive impact in the world.

Card meanings


The Hierophant can represent a feeling of belonging. This belonging can be religious, cultural, or civic; perhaps a social group or club you were a part of.

This group may have been a founding part of your younger years, and you may still be in touch with many members today. The thoughts and opinions you formed when you were part of this group are likely still affecting the way you think and behave.

Start to question your own thoughts and whether you believe them, or you just feel you should. You are an individual. Dogma exists through life in many levels. As a child you may have believed what you were being told. Nowadays you should be sure to critically analyse everything around you for the truth.


You’ll likely be feeling very driven, and soon you may have a clear goal in mind. Something to achieve for is good for us, if we have no goal then we tend to stagnate.

The Hierophant in the present position can represent a dangerous and almost blind devotion to a cause. If you’re putting effort into something, take a minute to see if you are being taken advantage of.

New experiences are great, but don’t be fooled, especially if it all seems too good to be true. Continuing down your current path will probably be a good idea, especially if you have serious responsibilities in your current life.


Start looking to the future to see what you can achieve and how. The Hierophant is a leader, so this is a great card to see when placed in the future. The Hierophant in the future position suggests that you too can become a leader of others.

Leaders have a lot of responsibility with their influence. If people are looking up to you, then don’t take advantage of them. It might be tempting and you may feel it’ll make your life easier, but facades like this can’t be kept up forever.

It’s likely that the Hierophant will represent you in the future, but can also be another person. When it comes to leading or following, neither are better and you can be happy doing either.

You may be privy to information that can aid others, but think twice before telling them, as it may be more than they can handle. Ignorance can be bliss, it is up to you to decide where to draw the line.

Work, careers and education

If you aren’t clear of your future, then sticking to traditional, old fashioned ethics will really work as a guide for you. Learn about your own history and how you can apply that to your current life.

Find another to look up to and follow in their footsteps. What is important is to realise that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Looking at great people of the past; nobody ever did all that work alone, they were helped by and learnt from others.

The Hierophant can highlight a slight deception, though maybe not one that is being committed on purpose. If something serious is happening at work, then you should try to gain as well rounded a view of the situation as is possible. Don’t go into a fight with only half of the facts.

Love and Relationships

A solid, traditional relationship could be what you need in life right now. Consider your current balance, or lack of it. Somebody you know already may be interested in you.

The Hierophant in love and romance is not a very strong sign for lust and passion, but he is a good card to draw for a stable and traditional relationship.

If you’re currently in a relationship, then just keep treating each other well. It’s best not to rock the boat now, and it’s likely that nothing surprising on unwelcome will happen in the near future.


It’s not the time to try something new with money. Just try to save more in the short term. Stick to what you know, and remember that a deal that sounds too good to be true probably is just that.

The Hierophant when drawn in regards to money shows that money is less of a concern right now. The Hierophant is neither money focused, or in desire of any money, it just isn’t a consideration at all. You should take these priorities to heart; money should not be you main focus in life, nor your main concern.

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Health and well-being

The stability of the Hierophant shows regarding health; there’s no need to expect any change to your current state. There should be no need to try a new diet, especially if its just a fad or trend among your friends.

However if you are already trying something new; a new diet, a new active hobby, then the Hierophant suggests that you should continue in this activity; you should almost dedicate yourself to it. For a short while; consider making your new change in life your main goal.

Your mental state might be being affected by your beliefs, especially if you’re feeling a conflict here. It can be an interesting and therapeutic practice to examine your own thoughts; we often live with hypocrisy that we just don’t address.

Other associations

Element: Earth

Astrology: Taurus

As a Yes or No question: There’s likely no definite ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ here

Crystal: Rose Quartz


Religion, convention, devotion, gurus, tradition, value