Six of Wands – Tarot card meaning

Six of Wands - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The Six of Wands is a positive card, a good sign to see, following the previous Wands card. The illustration in the Rider-Waite deck shows a procession; a central figure on horseback holds a wand adorned with a wreath. Others in the background each carry a Wand held high.

The Six of Wands is a card resonating with feelings of Good news, completion and success. You’ve done something good, and it’s time to celebrate!

Card meanings


A pleasant card to see in the past position; the Six of Wands can represent a past achievement you celebrated. You earned it. What you do in the past pays off today. Be careful not to rest on your past achievements however.

You don’t want to get lost in the past, thinking your best years are behind you. Look forward. Things can be even better in future! The Six of Wands may represent a past achievement, but it is always something you can experience again and again.


take some time off to enjoy yourself when you see the Six of Wands in the present position. You have likely worked hard enough to warrant some celebration.

You may be seeing some very hard and fast positive results in your life, and things may be changing for the better. The Six of Wands is great in all aspects of your life, and you should be on a high.


A brilliant card to see in the future; the Six of Wands shows you that a cause for celebration is currently underway. What are you currently working on that could become a great success? Consider the illustration; the six wands are held aloft by six people. Look to work with others to achieve greatness.

Work, careers and education

Good news should be on your way when you see the Six of Wands appear in nay career based reading. If you’re in education, then you should expect good grades, or a good result in any exams.

In your career, it’s likely that something you are working towards, possible a project or deal, will be completed in your favour. Truly a cause for celebration.

Love and Relationships

Celebrations in relationships are sometimes centred around anniversaries. If you have an anniversary coming up, then go all out, push the limits. The Six of Wands is a positive card, so you should expect good news in your relationships; platonic or romantic.

If you’re single, the Six of Wands may represent the celebration that comes with finding a fitting partner.


The Six of Wands can represent a surprise in terms of money. You may win some sort of prize, or otherwise be awarded a large lump sum of cash. Best not to let this go to your head; don’t gloat with your money, especially if others are not doing as well as you.

Health and well-being

The Six of Wands can represent good news in regards to your health; especially if something has been weighing on your mind for some time.

As always, get the correct information from a trusted medical professional. Celebrate within your means too.

Other associations

Element: Fire

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Success, celebration, pride, victory

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