Three of Cups – Tarot card meaning

Three of Cups - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The Three of Cups is the third card in the Cups suit. The card shows three women meeting, cups held to the sky in celebration.

The scene evokes a traditional English harvest festival; celebrating the wheel of the year and the coming together of a community for common goals.

The Three of cards represents community, reunion and gatherings.

At a glance

The Three of Cups is a tarot card that is part of the Minor Arcana suit of Cups. In tarot readings, this card often represents celebration, friendship, and community.

The Three of Cups is often depicted as three women or maidens raising cups in a toast or celebration. The card can symbolize the joy and happiness that comes from being part of a close-knit community or group of friends. It can also indicate a time of coming together and celebrating achievements or milestones.

In a reading, the Three of Cups can indicate that you are experiencing a sense of connection and unity with others. This could be through a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a community group. It can also suggest that you are feeling a sense of belonging and support from those around you.

However, the Three of Cups can also indicate a need for caution. It may be a time of overindulgence or excess, and it is important to remember to balance fun with responsibility. Additionally, the card can suggest that you may be relying too heavily on others for support or validation, and it may be time to focus on building your own sense of self-worth.

Overall, the Three of Cups is a positive and joyful card that represents the importance of connection and celebration in our lives. It is a reminder to appreciate the people and communities that bring us joy and to make time for celebration and appreciation of our own achievements.

Card meanings


The three of Cups in the past position can represent a history of plenty. Consider the theme of your reading here, but this can relate to a childhood where you were fully provided for, or loving parents that cared for you.

The Three of Cups can also represent a healthy friendship group which you may have lost touch with as time has gone on. Why not consider reconnecting? It can also represent your foresight in the past; you may have thought ahead and planned, which leads us to your present position.


The Three of Cups in the present position can represent something you have finished recently, or are just about to finish. This is likely an endeavour you pursued with others, not alone. Together you have achieved it.

Hard work pays off, and after a short break you should start to look to your future and how you can better continue this upward trend you’re starting in life. The Three of Cups can also represent meeting a long lost connection, a friend from the past or a previous lover. They may have left your life for a reason back then, but things will seem different now.


The Three of Cups in the future position gives you a clear future goal. Look to work with others; as together you are much more than the sum of your parts.

Rarely is something create solely by one person; you can help others achieve their goals and they can help you with yours. Consider the cycle of life; creation, maintenance, completion, rest, repeat. There is always a new goal to work towards in life.

Work, careers and education

The Three of Cups shows good news when it comes to working or education. Expect to celebrate with your peers if you have been working hard recently.

It might be very tough work, but expect things to improve soon, and to gain some rest and relaxation time for yourself. Be careful, this should be no excuse to slack. Dedicate yourself to your work while it matters.

Love and Relationships

In romance and love, the Three of Cups can suggest a connection with an old flame; an old partner who you only have good memories of. a rekindling of this relationship is not an idea which should be scoffed at.

The Three of Cups can also strongly hint at a healthy baby; and the celebrations which come with the announcement.


The Three of Cups can represent the celebration that comes with receiving an unexpected sum of money. It can mean that this has come at just the right time in your life.

Like a harvest, you wouldn’t expect to eat all of the fruits of your labour straight away. If you have come into money, they firstly, do nothing with it. Take some time to let it settle in. There is no need to rush. Develop a saving mentality.

Health and well-being

It’s time to celebrate you conquering your obstacles. Battling your troubles with others, and helping them with theirs is one of the healthiest ways for you to progress through difficult times.

Sometimes all we need is some emotional support. Look for opportunities to help others, especially long lost friends and partners. Sometimes all they will need is a familiar face.

Other associations

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Community, forum, gathering, tribes, joy, celebration, friendship, connections