Ten of Cups – Tarot card meaning

Ten of Cups - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

After the previous card within Cups, we follow the upward positive trend with the Ten of Cups. Ten usually represents completion; our base ten counting system, ‘A perfect ten’, ’10/10′, for instance.

The Ten of Cups symbolises a perfect happy ending; the rest and relaxation after a great struggle and the achievement that comes with it.

The Illustration of the Ten of Cups shows an ideal settings; a family playing and celebrating, with a crescent rainbow containing Ten Cups; symbolic of the hurdles that have been overcome to get to this point.

At a glance

The Ten of Cups is a tarot card that belongs to the Minor Arcana suit of Cups, which represents emotions, feelings, and relationships. This card is often associated with joy, love, and family. It can indicate a time of happiness, fulfillment, and contentment.

In a reading, the Ten of Cups often signifies a time of emotional fulfillment and happiness. It can indicate that you are feeling loved and supported by your family and loved ones, and that you are able to find joy and contentment in your personal relationships. This card can also suggest that you are able to find balance and harmony in your personal and professional life.

The Ten of Cups can also indicate a sense of unity and connection with others. It can suggest that you are able to form strong and supportive relationships, and that you are able to give and receive love in equal measure. This card can encourage you to embrace a spirit of love and compassion, and to create positive and supportive connections with others.

In terms of relationships, the Ten of Cups can indicate a time of happiness and fulfillment. It can suggest that you are able to find joy and contentment in your connections with others, and that you are able to create a sense of harmony and balance in your relationships.

In a more practical sense, the Ten of Cups can indicate a time of abundance and prosperity. It can suggest that you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and find satisfaction in your work and material possessions.

Overall, the Ten of Cups is a positive and uplifting card that suggests a time of happiness, fulfillment, and contentment. If this card appears in your reading, it may be a sign to embrace a spirit of love and gratitude, and to find joy and contentment in your personal and professional relationships.

Card meanings


You may have started life well, and had a privileged upbringing. This has only helped you in life.

A firm foundation on which to grow is the essence of the Ten of Cups in the past position. It can also represent the dividends you have secured from putting a lot of effort in very soon.

You may have sacrificed at a great cost to get where you are now, but rest assured; you are in the best possible reality you could be in.


Things are likely going your way when you see the Ten of Cups in the present position. You’ve likely worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve a rest.

Our lives are a cycle of learning, doing, achieving and resting. This cycle will repeat forever. Enjoy the rest while you can, as it’s well deserved. Things will be much more exciting in the future, depending on how you look at it.

Completion is another aspect of the Ten of Cups, so consider the theme of your reading carefully here. It can be very enjoyable to experience things as they are ongoing rather than as a distant memory.


The Ten of Cups is well placed in the future. You are likely forming a goal of what you want your life to be like. You’ll have to work hard to get there but remember this is a life goal.

There should be no reason to rush, and in any case it always takes time to achieve such loft goals. Don’t be afraid to aim high, higher than you’d expect of yourself.

Work, careers and education

The Ten of Cups is a great card, and it will be a relief to see it appear regarding work, education and your professional life. If you are struggling now, then expect these struggles to come to an end; though this could possibly come at the cost of leaving your current job or school.

Look to keep improving, no matter how you are currently occupied. It is only through continued effort that we will attain our true goals. The thought of an idyllic future should be present in your mind to push you forwards.

Love and Relationships

The Ten of Cups is very positive for relationships. Marriage should be on the cards; or at the very least a firm understanding that your current relationship is very serious to those involved. This is not a fling by any means.

If you are single, then expect to meet somebody soon who could be a potential life partner. If things are currently going well, then expect the same; there should be no stress, anger or judgement, just simple living.

Live well during these peaceful moments and don’t take any of it for granted.


The Ten of Cups can go so far as to presume that money won’t even be a consideration in the near future. You’ll either be focused on something completely different, or you’ll have enough money to spare that it will have no impact on your life.

You don’t need money to enjoy life. Follow your dreams instead of chasing money.

Health and well-being

The Ten of Cups’s idyllic nature suggests there should be no cause for concern with health in the near future, as long as you are putting in what you expect to get out.

Look more carefully into the things you are eating and drinking; they may be worse for you than you thought. Living naturally doesn’t harm anybody, but if you have a serious concern, then always take it up with a professional.

Other associations

Element: Water

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Peace, attainment, celebration, relaxation