The Empress – Tarot card meaning

Rider Waite Major Arcana - The Empress

The Empress is another feminine card after The High Priestess. The feminine symbolism is clear; the symbol of Venus, the fruits and plants on display, and even cleverly the right side of the landscape being higher than the left; an effect most famously seen in the Mona Lisa.

The Empress is a positive card, and emanates feelings of love and creation. The Empress can represent motherhood, growth, fertility and abundance.

Generally the Empress is a positive card to see in any reading. Look to the strong female influences in your life for inspiration. Find a role model, somebody you admire, and learn from them.

The Empress can sometimes be seen as the female equivalent of The Emperor.

the empress anime card

At a glance

The Empress is a tarot card that is associated with motherhood, fertility, and the abundance of nature. It typically depicts a woman seated on a throne, holding a scepter in one hand and a shield in the other. She is surrounded by a lush garden, representing the abundance and fertility of the natural world.

The Empress card suggests that you are in touch with your feminine energy and creativity. It indicates that you are able to nurture and care for others, and that you have the ability to create and bring new life into the world. The Empress card can also represent abundance and prosperity, indicating that you are surrounded by abundance and have the potential to create a rich and fulfilling life for yourself.

In some readings, the Empress card can indicate that you are being supported and nurtured by a mother figure or a strong, nurturing woman. This woman may be a maternal figure, a mentor, or a trusted friend who can help you to navigate through challenges and obstacles. The Empress card can also suggest that you are being called to use your nurturing and creative abilities to help others, and to make a positive impact in the world.

Overall, the Empress card is a reminder of your own inherent femininity and creativity. It suggests that you have the ability to nurture and care for others, and that you are surrounded by abundance and prosperity. It indicates that you are being supported and guided on your journey, and that you have the potential to create a rich and fulfilling life for yourself.

Card meanings


In the past position, the Empress represents a strong maternal influence on your life. This could be someone like a loving mother, an inspiring teacher or kind older friend. Their lessons and wisdom are still affecting you to this day.

A romantic relationship isn’t strongly implied here, but if the pieces fit, then don’t ignore this connection. If you can identify as an Empress, then the card may be representing you in the past, and how you acted in this role to others.

The Empress in the past position can also represent a strong, solid family and upbringing. Perhaps this acted as a solid foundation in your life. If things aren’t the same now, you may be yearning to recreate the same feelings now.


When placed in the present position, The Empress can represent the continuing of a good page in the book of your life. The Empress can represent satisfaction, but you may feel you are on a plateau, and not growing.

Look how she rests, The Empress is content but she may be missing out, she could be doing so much more. If you’re feeling bored, then there are many ways you can change your life for the better. Try something new, don’t be afraid to say yes.

We often strive to make life comfortable, but when we stay in this comfortable place for too long, we can easily grow restless and bored. Find that balance you need.

The Empress in the present position is good to see if you are planning to start a family, or form a close, long lasting bond with another.


The Empress is well placed in the future, in fact she is one of the better cards you can hope to see in future position. The Empress, as implied by the ‘present’ meaning, can show comfort and luxury, something that we all strive towards in life. This is something we should all aim for. This isn’t to say things are guaranteed.

A comfortable future is something we have to work for, it is rarely given to us. You should still aim to work towards your desired future, knowing that if you put as much effort into it as you can, you will surely reap the rewards.

The Empress in the future position can represent a strong, close-knit family. The Empress is especially well placed in the future position if you are looking to start or grow a family.

Work, Careers and education

The Empress in regards to your career or current education is a very good sign, especially if something big is about to happen; maybe a presentation at work or a big exam.

Understand that if you continue working hard, you will be able to reap the rewards of this. You might be acting as inspiration for other more junior colleagues, so be sure to help them when you can.

Connections within work help everybody out and forming friendships with others can be so much more valuable than a promotion or perfect exam results.

You may also do well to take on a more ‘feminine’ approach to work and career. Femininity is more attached to emotions and intuition over logic, so look to work with these qualities more. Emotions lead us to our passions, intuition opens doors for us that we would not have otherwise taken.

Love and Relationships

The Empress is a positive card, especially when it comes to friendship and romance. Expect to be a part of a strong friendship group, who grow and support each other.

If nobody is taking the lead in your friendship group, then take it upon yourself to suggest new activities to bring everybody together. If you are looking for a romantic partner, the Empress can suggest that you should be mature in your choices. Look too for maturity in others.

The Empress can too suggest pregnancy, so keep this in mind if this is on the cards. The Empress is a very strong card to draw when it comes to family. Expect your close circle to grow closer and stronger.

the empress anime card


Being mature with our money is something we learn as we grow older. It’s tough to be sensible with money unless you either grew up poor or went through a period of poverty.

The Empress suggests using your money for things that actually matter in life. Mature decisions relating to making your life, and the lives of others happier, more enjoyable and more comfortable.

The Empress is good news when it comes to wealth. Expect to be saving more than usual. Saving is good, but make sure your money is working for you. Money is just something than enables your own potential.

Health and well-being

Physically, you should be either in good health or rapidly improving. You might have earned the right to experience a bit of excess but don’t go overboard.

The Empress is spiritual and nurturing, like a mother to her child. While you may be feeling fine, even great, look to help others, especially those who reach out to you. Helping others in turn helps us.

As mentioned in ‘Relationships’, this is a good time for you to consider pregnancy and family. Consider if this is something you want right now in life; things will change dramatically.

Other associations

Element: Earth

Astrology: Venus

As a Yes or No question:  Yes

Crystal: Tourmaline


Beauty, Motherhood and motherly love, Feminine, Nurture, Pregnancy, Potential, Compassion