Strength – Tarot card meaning

Rider Waite Major Arcana - Strength

Strength is something we are all familiar with; both physical and mental strength play an important, almost guiding part of our lives. Strength is the eighth card in the Major Arcana.

Strength can represent your internal drive, willpower and self confidence. We exercise strength every day in our lives. Strength can be represented in many ways; physical strength, mental willpower, determination and pure grit.

Strength is a largely positive card, but not an ‘easy’ one to see. You will overcome your challenges if you persevere, but the challenges will be tough. Don’t expect a walk in the park when you see Strength show up in a spread.

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At a glance

The Strength card is a tarot card that is associated with courage, inner strength, and the ability to overcome challenges. It typically depicts a woman holding the reins of a lion, representing her ability to harness and control her own inner strength. The lion represents the raw, primal power that must be tamed and harnessed in order to achieve victory.

The Strength card suggests that you are strong and courageous, and that you have the ability to overcome any challenge that comes your way. It indicates that you are able to tap into your own inner strength and power, and that you are not afraid to face difficult situations head on. The Strength card can also represent a need for patience and understanding, indicating that you are seeking to maintain a calm and peaceful demeanor in the face of adversity.

In some readings, the Strength card can indicate that you are being supported and guided by a higher power or spiritual guide who is helping you to access your inner strength and courage. This guide may be a teacher, mentor, or trusted friend who can offer wisdom and guidance as you navigate the challenges and obstacles of life. The Strength card can also suggest that you are being called to use your inner strength and courage to help others, and to make a positive impact in the world.

Overall, the Strength card is a reminder of your own inner strength and courage. It suggests that you are able to overcome any challenge that comes your way, and that you are not afraid to face difficult situations head on. It indicates that you are being supported and guided on your journey, and that you have the potential to make a positive impact in the world.

Card meanings


Strength in the Past position can represent a period where you took control, or seized the reins and led others. You likely went out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your goals.

Rarely do we get anywhere by simply working at our most minimum level. We need to give more to get better rewards, which is what you did here. You may feel like you have overcome a great deal and are growing restless.

Don’t worry, there are bigger and more exciting challenges to come. It can be desirable to have an easy life, but little challenges in future add spice and variety. Life without some form of hardship soon gets dull.


Strength in the present position represents your coming mastery of your chosen area of expertise. This can refer to any aspect of your life. It has been a lot of work to get to this current stage.

Talent is not inherited or gained by a magical gift; but it is nurtured by yourself or others and grows over time. Remember to keep working on yourself. The present will soon be replaced by the future and look at you, you made it through.

Strength in the present position can also represent an upcoming, or currently ongoing challenge in life. You are going to need to be strong in order to make it through.

Trials help us grow in life. Challenges test us. You should always welcome the chance to test your own skills and abilities in life. Even if you fail, you will be able to set a goal next time. Keep growing.


Strength can be a good sign to see in the future. Expect to overcome your current obstacles. How often do you think about the little things that bothered you five or ten years ago. Will they bother you today or tomorrow?

Anything that is bothering you now will seem like nothing in the near future. We usually forget about our worries given time. It may be a hard road, but expect a future where you feel you have conquered your obstacles and grown as a person.

Consider the entire spread when you see Strength in the future. While generally positive, Strength in the future position can show that your future may be an uphill battle. You may always have to keep fighting. Think about why this may be the case, and change your path if you can.

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Work, careers and education

Every day we overcome things that used to challenge us, but eventually these new challenges will simply become instinct. There should be no reason for you to worry about work or school.

Strength is generally a positive card to see when drawn for your career. You will overcome obstacles. Think about what type of strength you need to succeed.

If you’re looking for a job, then apply for things out of your league. Visualise the person you want to be, and apply for jobs that ideal you would want to do. Don’t belittle yourself, it’s very likely that you are capable of more than you know.

Love and Relationships

Romances and friendships are good for us; but they can also bring conflict and disharmony. Strength when placed relating to these elements of life can represent problems you will need to deal with. Take control if things are up in the air.

Clarify the problem with those involved and work out how to solve it. Now isn’t the time to ignore the things which are bothering you, now is the time to face them and defeat them.

Strength can also show that you will have the required constitution to make it through the tough times; arguments, fights, breakups.


You should learn to master money, and not let it master you. Don’t let yourself be limited if you want to experience something new. Money is just something you have in case you’re still alive tomorrow.

You should be in a good, or improving financial situation at the moment. Look to safe investments, but if you want to go crazy and feel you can, then a risk might not be a bad idea. Work out the odds and go for it if you wish.

Strength can also represent your willpower in regards to spending, especially if you are very casual with how you spend money. Restraint is an honourable quality to have. When you stop buying things you don’t need, you start to value what you have.

Health and well-being

Maintaining a healthy body is all a battle of willpower. If you wish to be, you can be healthier. Don’t give in to the easy route when you know in the long run.

Strength in regards to health is generally positive. If there is hardship, you know you have the strength to survive it. If you are going to a particularly bad period, then you should start looking at the light at the end of the tunnel. Things will start to get better soon enough.

As Socrates said; “It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.” Push your limits; both physical and mentally.

Other associations

Element: Fire

Astrology: Leo

As a Yes or No question: Yes

Crystal: Tiger’s Eye


Battle, Willpower, Mastery, Confidence, Inspiration