Eight of Pentacles – Tarot card meaning

Eight of Pentacles - Rider Waite Minor Arcana - Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is a positive card, and you should generally expect good things when you see it. The craftsman works hard at his bench; his previous attempts are displayed high for all to see. His current focus is being worked on. Future projects lay on the floor.

The Eight of Pentacles is a card that embodies hard work, learning and growing, and applying your knowledge in the real world. The Eight of Pentacles is my favourite card, and it embodies this website; always improving and growing and getting better.

Card meanings


The Eight of Pentacles in the past position represents a period of dedication and hard work. The focus of your dedication may not have been a passion at the start, but you grew to enjoy it. Having the right mentality can take us so far in life, and cultivating a good attitude towards work will help us so much.

Skills you are learning now will start to work for you in future. Consider that hard work can matter a lot more than initial skill. very few of us are born with talent, but with willpower and the right attitude we can achieve our goals.


The Eight of Pentacles in the present position shows that you are working hard on something in your life. It may be a struggle, but you might also thrive with the challenge facing you. Take pride in what you’re doing, even if others don’t.

Your attitude will be rewarded. You can find pleasure in the most mundane things, and you can learn a lot from what initially seems very simple. Consider your future, and what you’d like to spend your life doing.

Many of us will need persist in some kind of labour, so look to choose a path which you find agreeable.


The Eight of Pentacles in the future position suggests a life of working hard and being rewarded in kind. You will grow to love what you do, and while your task may never come to an end, you will certainly enjoy the journey. It’s likely you’ll earn recognition for your passions.

The Eight of Pentacles in the future position is best drawn if you are currently working on a project or activity that is starting to feel tough. Know that in the end your perseverance will pay off.

Work, careers and education

The Eight of Pentacles is well drawn for work or education meanings. The Eight of Pentacles suggests an enjoyable and successful career.

Consider working to your passions, but its just as likely that you’ll discover something new which will take over your life. We can’t fight what we are interested in, so follow your heart. Don’t be discouraged if others say your dream job is impossible.

Love and Relationships

You might have to work hard for a relationship, but in the end it will pay off. The Eight of Pentacles in regards to love and relationships is a very good sign.

Expect a current relationship to get much deeper as you grow and learn about each other even more. Things will still be hard work, but look at what you are creating together.

If you’re single, then work out what you want to be in life. People with passions are very attractive to others. Look to work on yourself first and the rest of the puzzle will fall into place.


The Eight of Pentacles is a good card to draw, and this shows when it appears in regards to finances and wealth. Expect things to be on a gradually increasing slope.

As you find out what you actually enjoy in life, you’ll spend less on things which you do not enjoy. Spending extra on your hobbies and passions is expected. Continue working hard towards that end goal, even if it seems like a very long way off.

Health and well-being

The Eight of Pentacles might show that you have a slight imbalance in your life. Are you dedicating yourself to one area and neglecting others? It may not feel like it right now, though consider the card again.

While the craftsman is working on his art, he is also missing out on other life experiences. Some say that happiness is only achieved by obsession, but happiness is subjective.

What makes you happy? What do you want to do? Are you on the correct path to achieve that? If not, why not?

Other associations

Element: Earth

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Persistence, hard work, pride, dedication, mastery

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