The Sun – Tarot card meaning

The Sun in the nineteenth Major Arcana card. Much like in childhood imagery, The Sun is positive, joyful and enthusiastic. The illustration on the Rider-Waite deck does The Sun no favours; it really is one of the more positive cards within the entire deck.

The Sun exudes energy and warmth, and represents joy, optimism and vitality.

Card meanings


The Sun can represent happy memories of the past, especially memories which you look back to with a feeling of pure happiness.

There’s no need to think that the best is behind you, but think that it is yet to come. Use the past as inspiration and motivation for the future. Life can be that good again. You can meet new people and have even better experiences.


You’re likely about to enter a happy and calm period of your life when you see The Sun in the present position. Expect your stress levels to fall, and your general satisfaction within life to be at an all time high.

We have a special feeling when we take a break or go on a vacation. Our worries tend to drift away into the background. You may start to feel like this soon, if you haven’t already. Some time away can put your thoughts and worries into perspective.


An extremely good card to draw in the future; The Sun represents an achievement; you’ve clearly done well to get this far. Expect a future where you feel satisfied with life.

Keep working hard, as you can’t expect things to be handed to you without any effort on your part.

Work, careers and education

A new job can spring up on you when you see The Sun in relation to work. Things should probably be going well, or you should be working towards a goal you’re set to achieve.

Expect good things to happen, relating to either work or schooling.

Love and Relationships

The Sun is a great card to draw when it comes to love and relationships generically, though if you are single, then for now it may be better for you to stay that way for the present. Focus on yourself, and enjoy your time alone.

Time alone is undervalued; it helps us grow, become more confident about and know ourselves. In a relationship, look to b more caring and loving towards your partner. Do something unexpected but kind for them. A little movement goes a long way.


You’re probably doing well with money, and The Sun showing up in relation to finances can mean things are going to get better. Try something new.

Money is fine to have and you’d do well to save in all situations, but if you aren’t saving for anything special, then use it to try out new exciting activities. You could change your life by discovering a new passion.

Health and well-being

You should be in good condition, or improving at least when you draw The Sun in relation to health. As with wealth above, look to try something new to improve your life.

Our minds need stimulation and to be kept active; so try to push yourself every now and again. The easy route is good sometimes, but taking it every time means we aren’t ready for challenges that approach.

Other associations

Element: Fire

Astrology: Leo

As a Yes or No question: Yes

Crystal: Clear Quartz


Life, positivity, extroversion, achievement, warmth, optimism

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