Page of Wands – Tarot card meaning

Page of Wands - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The Page of Wands is the eleventh Wands card, and the first face card. Pages are often seen as messengers; their meaning should be of great importance to you. Pages can also represent younger children, or yourself as a child.

The Page of Wands can represent a real person, likely younger than you, or possibly yourself as a young child. The Page of Wands represents starting over, potential beginnings and creative endeavours.

Look how the Page of Wands is dressed, he bears some resemblance to The Fool, though more prepared for the coming future.

Card meanings


In the past position, the Page of Wands can represent a person in your past who may still be affecting your life. Likely a male, he had an adventurous and energetic personality, something you possibly didn’t have at the time, and likely very inspiring for you.

Try to see where you past inspirations and heroes are now. See where other people have come from and what they have gained to give yourself some perspective.


The Page of Wands in the present position shows that good news is coming your way. The Page of Wands is especially good to see if you are looking to move in a direction in life, and soon. Follow your passions. Life is steering you the right way, you just have to listen.


The Page of Wands in the future position can suggest a completely unpredictable future, but in a good way. Things are going to get better, but not in the way you’d planned.

You may find yourself doing things you never thought were possible. You should look to conquer your fears, no matter how small. Fears can control our lives, but they get smaller once we tackle them head on. Fears are just goals we haven’t achieved yet.

Work, careers and education

The Page of Wands for work, career or education is a very good sign, especially if you are looking to change careers. Now is a good time to apply for a new job.

New ventures based on what you want to get out of life are key here. Work towards what you want, not what others want of you. The Page of Wands is alone, but a proud character, ready to set off and own the world.

Love and Relationships

The Page of Wands in Love is a good card to drawl regardless of relationship status. The Page of Wands is an very good sign when it comes to finding a potential partner.

Expect a new type of relationship, one you didn’t think was possible and definitely doesn’t compare to your past. Very exciting times ahead.


The Page of Wands is a good card to draw for money related issues. If you’re working alone, the Page of Wands shows that your work will pay off. You have manifest your will into the world and it’s going to start working for you. Ideas are precious, don’t disregard them.

If you’re having money problems, then look to work towards what you want. Are you paying for things you don’t even need?

Health and well-being

The Page of Wands is a good card to draw for health, both mental and physical. The Page is young, and has a cause to follow. Having an ideal goal in mind is key in life now.

What do you want to achieve? Work towards it. Nobody is going to help you if you don’t help yourself. Wallowing in self pity can help in the short term, but you need to work through it yourself.

Other associations

Element: Fire

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Optimism, excitement, freedom, new ventures

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