End of May Update

What a month it has been! The site has grown a lot recently. I’ve been busy redoing my notes in order to finish the tarot card descriptions, and we’ve had some outside help from a contributor. Lets dig into it!

Card meanings added

All of the Major Arcana cards have been finished! You’ll see that all of the cards from the Major Arcana and Cups suit have been added. While you’ll see in the previous post, I aimed for the 8th of July to finish each card description. I think it’s doable, we are certainly on track!

A new article has been posted

A writer and tarot reader, Rebecca (from the Tarot server!), contributed a lovely article about Pamella Colman Smith. You can read the article here. It’s a nice unique way to read about a biography of an influential artist and how she has influenced the writer.

We made it to 600 likes on our Facebook page

We’ve got a Facebook page (if you didn’t know!) I’m happy to say it’s up to 600 likes now. That’s a lot of fans of tarot cards, wow! If you’d like to stay up to date with the site but don’t want to check in too often, everything that is posted here will be posted there too. You can find the Facebook page by clicking here. I’m also down to chat if you’d like to send a message!

Write with us!

If you liked the article above, then consider writing with us. We’ll be happy to host an article with a link to your website, store, Instagram, etc. just get in touch on the Contact page. One of the goals of Tarot Nova is to have a new fresh place to talk about tarot as a community. I want to be able to promote others and help them find an audience too. There are guidelines for articles on the Contact page.

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