The Moon – Tarot card meaning

The Moon is the eighteenth Major Arcana. Following the current celestial theme, The Moon indicates a sense of confusion, delusion and fantasy.

The Moon is a reflection, often seen as deceptive, as it reflects the light of another rather than generating its own. In some traditions, where The Sun represents the male, the Moon represents the female aspect of the universe.

Card meanings


You could be having blurred visions of events when The Moon shows up in the past position. Are you remembering things correctly, or are you just remembering select parts?

We are all affected by rose tinted goggles, sometimes the past isn’t exactly what we thought it was. A bit of hearty exaggeration can be expected, but be careful not to overstate or inflate your past as others may call you out on it.


Despite our acute senses, we sometimes don’t fully grasp the picture. Things may seem confusing when The Moon shows up in the present position.

You aren’t being stupid; it’s likely that things are being kept from you on purpose. It can be hard to understand a completely new experience, and while shock is possible, it may just be that you have to give your body some time to get used to what is going on in your life.

Try to see things from a different perspective, or talk to somebody else involved in your life for advice.


It’s a common occurrence feel like we have no idea where our lives are going. Everybody feels this, but you may be feeling a little more lost than usual.

If your future is not clear, then in the near present, don’t expect much to change unless you put some real effort in. Think about the present for now.

How you treat the present affects where our future will take us. Treat the present well and your future can only get better.

Work, careers and education

Consider the future paragraph above. You may not have a clear idea of where your schooling is going; which majors to take or which college or university to go to.

Education is very different for everybody. What we study in school only sometimes corresponds to our future careers. Focusing on your hobbies and desires is always a solid choice for inspiration. In work, you may also be feeling lost.

This might not be the right job for you. Explore your options, especially if you came into this job expecting a long term career. You may have more value than you believe, and your experience can be used in many new and interesting ways.

Love and Relationships

Something may be being hidden from you when The Moon shows up in regards to Love or Relationships.

Are you keeping a secret from your partner? While it is normal for partners to keep small secrets from each other, this can do more harm than good if they find out from somebody else but you.

Expect some sort of deception in a relationship; professional, platonic or romantic.


Are you getting the best deal? Is somebody pressuring you into buying something? The Moon when placed in finances or money reminds you to look deeper.

Don’t accept the first offer, and don’t expect your first offer to be accepted. it’s not the time to play with your cash. Be conservative with your savings.

Health and well-being

A checkup might be in order, if just for your own knowledge. It’s easy to ignore a symptom, thinking it will go away in time. This isn’t always the case.

Get a checkup with a medieval professional if something is affecting your daily life. Get a second opinion if you’re unsure. Mentally, things may not be perfect but know they will improve.

The Moon can also represent a missing spiritual practice in your life. Are you ignoring your dreams and the signs they are telling you? Do you sometimes have strange night-time experiences? You may do well to embrace these rather than ignore them.

Other associations

Element: Water

Astrology: Pisces

As a Yes or No question: No

Crystal: Aquamarine


Illusion, instinct, deception, fantasy, occluded

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