King of Wands – Tarot card meaning

King of Wands - Rider Waite Minor Arcana

The King of Wands is the final Wands card, and as such can sometimes embody the entire suit. Because of this, it should be taken seriously when seen in any spread.

The King of Wands represents ambition, vision and leadership towards a goal. As it is a court card, the King of Wands can also represent somebody real; likely a male who has achieved much in their life.

Card meanings


You may have had a rigid, organised childhood. The King of Wands in the past position can symbolise a father figure in this respect; somebody who wanted you to achieve things in your life. He may have been a leader, or held a high position of authority.

You may also take on some of these qualities. As your younger self, you may have been the leading personality within your group of friends.

The King of Wands suggests a person who brings others along with them. You may have had an active past, with dynamic fun hobbies and many good, memorable experiences.


The King of Wands is a positive card to see in the present position.; strongly suggesting that you will be carving your own path in life instead of following somebody else.

Wands are all about action, and working towards you goals. Now is the time to branch out and do you own thing, as opposed to getting stuck in a routine and counting down the days. Own your own life!

Don’t forget your leadership skills, you maybe be able to inspire others and work on something together. Gather people around you and get productive.


The King of Wands suggests a strong potential future. It;s possible you could become an expert in your field. The King has essentially mastered his interests, and looks to continue improving and innovating. Even though you may have felt you have reached the top, there is always a little more to achieve.

A King doesn’t work alone, and the King of Wands can have many people working with him, towards his goal. You could possibly be heading up a new company, or be responsible for others in a very serious sense, becoming a team leader, manager, parent, teacher, for example.

Work, careers and education

The King of Wands is a positive card to draw for your career or education. When the King of Wands represents somebody else, you may want to take this as a sign to look for somebody, a mentor to work with.

Look for somebody at the top of their field. Don’t be afraid to aim higher.

Generally, things should be progressing well. If you’re in school still, consider working extra on the parts which interest you. If you wish to during work, putting in extra hours now will pay off in the long run.

Love and Relationships

The King of Wands suggests a fair, strong relationship that is moving forwards. Both of you should have equal input and similar goals. The King of Wands knows exactly what he wants, and as such your relationship should be turning into a more standard, “normal” partnership.

If you’re single, then you may find somebody soon. Sometimes we have to be single to learn more about ourselves and what we want. This time may be coming to a close, as you are becoming more confident in yourself.


The King of Wands is sure of his personal wealth. You should soon have no problems concerning money, especially if you have been struggling recently.

Your skills and actions could being you even greater wealth if you are willing to work for it. Do you want to turn a hobby or passion into a job? Now may be the time to take that first step.

Make your money work for you. This isn’t the time to put bets or play games of chance. You need to take control of your money. Think long term; any king is thinking of the future. Stability is something to aim for, not a roller coaster ride of wins and losses.

Health and well-being

The King of Wands is a mature card, and deals with action and will. Don’t try to second guess symptoms; get advice from a professional.

The King of Wands resonates with the entire deck, and the keyword here is will and action. If you have been putting something off for some time, then now is the time to finally get started.

Starting something new benefits us in many ways. If you have an idea, then run with it. Sometimes you just need a reason to keep going.

Other associations

Element: Fire

As a Yes or No question: Yes


Ambition, action, leadership, father, mentor, power, education

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