Past Present and Future Spread

Past Present and Future spread

The Past, Present and future spread is a very, very common spread! Along with the ‘Life Aspects’ spread, this ties in nicely to Tarot Nova. Each card meaning page has a Past, Present and Future meaning for that card; allowing for easy reference for this spread. To perform the Past, Present and Future spread;

  1. Have a general idea of your spread; is this going to be recent past, and near future, or a childhood/ old age reading? Know this before continuing.
  2. Shuffle your deck
  3. Draw any card and place it face down. This is your ‘Past’ card
  4. Shuffle your deck again
  5. Repeat this for each, until you have three face down cards
  6. Put the deck aside, and turn over the cards one by one
  7. Observe the cards
  8. Observe the card meanings

Consider the cards carefully. The Past, Present and Future spread is a good spread to deal if you want a general overview of a lifetime, or when considering an upcoming challenge. It can show the future choices, as well as the reasoning behind the choices made.