Life aspects

Life aspects spread

I quite like designing spreads, and this ‘Life Aspects’ spread has been designed especially for use with Tarot Nova. Each of the positions directly relates to a section on the card meanings; Career, Relationships, Wealth and Health. This way, you can directly see which portion of the card is relevant. An added benefit of this is that it’s very easy to interpret and use as a beginner spread, but with added room to grow!

Life Aspects

The Life Aspects spread is quite easy to perform, for any skill level, as it directly ties in with Tarot Nova. The spread uses at least four cards. You may be wondering what that Fool is doing, lurking behind the 7 of Pentacles. We’ll get to him! To perform the Life aspects spread;

  1. Shuffle your deck
  2. Draw any card and place it face down. This is your ‘Career’ card
  3. Shuffle your deck
  4. Repeat this for each, until you have four face down cards
  5. Put the deck aside, and turn over the cards one by one
  6. Observe the cards
  7. Observe the card meanings

Simply put, you are looking at the meanings; Career for the first card, Relationships from the second, Wealth from the third and health from the final card.

The meanings should be quite clear, however sometimes we aren’t always able to interpret a clear answer. If this is the case, then feel free to draw a second card. This does not replace the first card, but simply adds to it.

When I was performing tarot readings for others, I used to double draw quite a lot. Sometimes you might be only half sure of an answer, and dealing another tarot card may help solidify the answer you were going to give, or modify the meaning is another direction. I found this technique so interesting I thought to include it in this life aspects spread. Feel free to draw two cards for one on any spread if you feel you need to.