Tarot readings for yourself

Recently, I haven’t been feeling so great. A major upheaval in life (although a positive one for sure) has left me on a plateau. Achieving goals is a double edged sword. I feel achieved, but I at a loss, what do I aim for now? These are the sorts of questions that you can ask a Tarot deck.

I would argue that there is nothing magical or mystical about using a Tarot deck this way. You can use a tarot deck purely for inspiration. Honestly? That is really the sole purpose of my deck. I use it when I am stuck and want to create a fake persona to seek advice from.

This post is going to go through a reading I did for myself, oh about five minutes ago! I’ll go over the process I use to read Tarot cards and maybe it’ll help you out.

I bought a house. It was my goal for a while. I’m sitting in it now, writing this. My problem though, I have no idea what to aim for now. I like working on project,s there is a lot of life to experience, and I am feeling overwhelmed with choice. Despite not using my tarot deck once since I moved in, I decided to draw a spread solely to try and get a different perspective on life. Look at the “wonderful” cards I drew.

First impressions? I don’t particularly like any of the cards to be honest. The Six of Swords can be positive, but the Ten of Swords is right there too. This isn’t the order I drew them in either, I am treating them all as equal.

When I place a spread, I often try to run on first impressions to start with. The Ten of Swords here does represent how I feel in some respects; somewhat defeated. The Page of Cups is a nice card to see, and much inspiration can be gained form your past and childhood. The Moon and The High Priestess both have personal meanings for me, but I don’t see them playing out here, so it’s best to look to the established meanings for those.

Ultimately here I see a spread of resignation, followed by looking to the past for inspiration, and then possibly some journey involved with finding knowledge and spreading it. Things may be getting better if i can find the correct route to travel on.

My problem, personally, is that I do not feel too passionate about what I am doing in life. This is a common element in those who question the Tarot. We do feel powerless, uninspired or generally unhappy. We are looking for a way out, or a sign that things will improve. Personally, I do not enjoy my job, and I spend much of my spare time alone. I am becoming bored and disillusioned with my hobbies.

As a Tarot reader, I am not sure that it’s ethical to tell somebody ‘everything will be okay’ because that is what you’re seeing from the cards. You can tell them the meanings of the cards suggests a positive outcome, but to say that the cards dictate the future is not correct. Tarot cards are a creation of man, and divination is a practice created by man (unless, you believe the story of Hermes Tris’). As a tarot reader, you sometimes walk this fine line. A querent can have a lot of trust in you, and that is a burden to bear, not a weakness to exploit.

How would you interpret that spread? Do you read for yourself? Was this post even informative or helpful? Let me know if you feel so inclined.