I stopped using my Tarot cards

In my previous post, over a year ago, I wrote about Tarot and Coronavirus. We were all in various states of lockdown here in the UK, and using Tarot was, for me, at the back of my mind. In times of distress people can look to the spiritual for salvation, and I suppose some people would look at their cards to see a way out. Personally, I just didn’t see things that way, I had much more mundane concerns. I didn’t see how using Tarot cards would be able to affect or signify something larger than my own life.

Since then, I haven’t really used my cards at all. I pulled one card, yesterday, because it came up in a conversation and I was somewhat interested in what might be pulled (6 of wands, in relation to a house sale, as it happens). It was a slightly underwhelming experience, and I think it may mark my departure from Tarot as both a pursuit and interest. Sometimes I’ll shuffle the deck and look at the cards. I’m. starting to forget the meanings of the less obvious cards.

I got into Tarot because I’m generally interested in the paranormal, esoteric, somewhat witchy subjects. I loved the illustrations of the Rider Waite deck so I bought a deck and it just grew from there. Since taking a long break though, I don’t know if my life has improved or gotten worse for it. I don’t know if I need Tarot cards in my life anymore.

Tarot can be good for an impulse (Should I do this?!), but I only ever used it in a psychological sense rather than an esoteric one. I loved learning Tarot, and creating two websites about it, but this was mainly for my own personal reasons.

I’m struggling to see the application for Tarot in my life now, other than a conversation piece. Maybe this is just how it is. I’m still interested in plenty of other subjects (Did I ever mention that site I worked on about Astral Projection?), but I think my time with Tarot has, at least temporarily, come to a halt.

So what’s the point of this blog? I haven’t written anything new for Tarot Nova for over a year now and I suppose I had to justify why, even if nobody even reads the blog parts of this website, and just for myself. I’ll take a break, look at the site in a few months and see what I can improve.