Single card spread

Single card spread

The single card spread is almost by definition the easiest spread you can think of, however it still warrants it’s own page. The single card spread is likely the first spread you will ever do as a budding young tarot reader, and also probably the most frequent spread you will perform for yourself and others as a more experienced one!

There are many ways to perform a single card spread. Single card spreads are commonly used for Yes / No questions.

Yes or No questions

To perform a simple Yes/ No single card spread, simply;

  1. Be aware what you are drawing for. Have a question in mind, unless you are drawing as a card of the day.
  2. Shuffle your deck
  3. Draw a card
  4. Observe the card
  5. Observe the card meanings

Many use a single card spread for Yes / No questions, but it is useful for other or other binary choices; ‘Should I go to this?, Should I say this to him’. Asking a more general question such as these will give you a wider answer; the card meanings can allure as to the reason why you should or shouldn’t do these things. The card meanings pages on Tarot Nova include the simple Yes or No answer. Another popular way to use a single card spread is a ‘Card of the Day.

Card of the Day

A card of the day is a popular way to use a single card spread. A Card of the Day ‘themes’ that day with the meaning of that card. it can be an interesting way to live, and it can change your outlook on the world. It’s also a great way to learn the card meanings, as you’ll build up a working encyclopedia every day! This is best coupled with a Tarot diary, as you can note down your daily card meanings, and how your day panned out.

To perform a card of the day single card spread;

  1. In the morning, as soon as you can after you wake up, shuffle your deck
  2. Draw a card
  3. Observe the card
  4. Observe the card meaning, and leave the card in a place where you will see it at the end of the day
  5. Be mindful of the card meaning during the day
  6. At the end of the day, refresh your memory, how did the day go, how did it tie in with the card?
  7. (Optional) Note this down in your diary, and remember to do it tomorrow!