Career choices

career tarot spread

If you choose to pursue a career in life, then you’re going to be met with choices. Often these will have a negative and positive associated with them. A new job can pay much more, but could involve you moving. You could be moving your career forward, but at the cost of relationships and family.

This spread will help you with your career choices by highlighting potential avenues for hope and concern. This career tarot spread is especially useful if you have two job offers, and can also be adapted for college choices and even choices of majors.

A very simple spread, the Career spread involves only 4 cards at a bare minimum; two cards per choice.

Shuffle and deal the cards face down in the pattern shown. Two cards will represent one career choice, the other two will represent the other choice. Each position is either positive or negative.

Turn the cards over. Observe the spread and the positioning of each card. What does you intuition tell you? Do any of the card positioning resonate with your initial feeling?

Check out their card meanings for more in depth descriptions to supplement your own intuition.

One of the best aspects of this spread is that it is so malleable. Have three, four, or five choices? Simply add a positive and negative card for each. You can always add and edit spreads to suit your own whims.