Spread list

Spreads are an important part of divination within tarot. Through using spreads, you can divine meanings for all sorts of scenarios.

There are spreads for every eventuality. The beauty of a spread is that if one doesn’t exist, there is nothing stopping you from creating one yourself!

In order to perform a spread; simple choose from those on this page. Instructions specific to each spread are included in the spread page.

If you see an issue, or if you’d like to submit a spread for consideration, then by all means get in touch! Click (or tap!) on each Spread for more details!

What is a Tarot Spread?

This is all very well and good, but what is a Tarot card spread? Simply put, a Tarot card spread is a way of dealing cards in a set order or pattern.

The pattern is predetermined; each placement has a meaning. There might be a meaning for your general future, your obstacles in life, your potential friends or enemies. You deal the cards in this set pattern, and then observe them.

From the card meanings, and their placements, as well as your own intuition, you come to a general spread meaning. Many spreads are well known outside of Tarot; the Celtic cross being a very well known example. Five card, and three card spreads are also very common.

Card meanings on Tarot Nova are designed to be easily read with spreads; with each card meaning page divided into categories for easier interpretation.