Tarot for Coronavirus

tarot for coronavirus

Hi all, hope you’re all staying safe and well. I felt compelled the write this after reading a few conflicting articles about how people are using Tarot during this lockdown.

Tarot can be a useful tool to use during this ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, but be sure to use it correctly.

It’s important to review what you can actually use Tarot for effectively, and what it cannot be used for. This should be considered an opinion piece, as Tarot is quite a subjective art.

What shouldn’t you use Tarot for?

Relevant to our modern times, you shouldn’t use Tarot for anything other than yourself. A deck of cards cannot predict things like how severe a pandemic will be, how soon it will all be over, who will be affected and who will not.

For things like this we need to look at the world and the facts and predict from that. Using Tarot to predict something like Coronavirus is both silly and ineffective.

While Tarot has an inbuilt set of imagery and meaning, we also have our own associations with the cards which lead to a deeper understanding, albeit a personal one which cannot be transferred to somebody else.

This often comes up with ‘Celebrity’ readings. What is the use of these? Does it have any impact on your life at all? Probably not.

Tarot can be dangerous when using it to ‘predict’ generally, but especially for something as serious as a medical emergency, as this Coronavirus pandemic is.

For example, I have read of people diagnosing illnesses with the cards. What a silly thing to do. Go to a doctor!

I have read accounts of people predicting an end to the Coronavirus pandemic with Tarot cards. What use is this? Tarot should remain a tool for personal growth and understanding.

Some good uses for Tarot during Coronavirus

There are some good uses for Tarot during a lockdown. These aren’t world-changing or revolutionary, but they can help you on a personal level. I do some of these, and some of these I have read about.


Tarot can be effective as a meditation tool. If there is anything we all need right now, it is calm. Simply drawing a card and seeing how it is currently influencing your life is a great, easy way to use Tarot for meditation.

Card of the Day

If there is one thing a lot of us are lacking during a lockdown, it is a schedule! Drawing a card of the day every day will give you some form of structure to base your day around. Wake up, draw a card, and be mindful of it during the day.

Self reading

Performing a spread for yourself will not only keep you current in terms of learning Tarot, but also as an introspective tool. You can use a self reading before the day starts, or as the day ends. As our lives and society has changed rapidly, we need to make sure we are giving enough time for ourselves. Having some form of structure will help the transition.

In Summary

In short, stay safe, and be careful when it comes to anybody claiming to know the future when it comes to anything outside your own personal sphere. Many will claim to know what is going to happen without any proof. Be aware that this ‘fake news’ can be harmful. Take care of yourself.

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