A new, streamlined Tarot Nova

tarot nova logo with title square

Long time no see, Fans of Tarot Nova. There have been many changes and not a lot of updates from me, so here one is! I hope you’re all doing well considering the current state of the world!

As you can see, the site has changed somewhat dramatically! There was a lot of useless rubbish I had on here originally and I’ve decided to just get rid of it fully. I’ve been having a snoop at my analytics and people are here for one thing; Tarot card meanings. I looked at my old analytics too, same deal. I’ve decided to gear Tarot Nova more towards having chunky, funky card descriptions. Spreads are fun to create, but much less popular, so I’ll put those on the back burner for now.

You can see that the menus have changed for web and mobile, making it easier to get to a specific card, and I am once again going through each card adding more stuff to each description.

In reality that’s all there is. Better card descriptions which are easier to find. What else could you want?

Redbubble Tarot Store

I’m still updating the Redbubble store too. If you aren’t aware; I’ve retouched every Rider-Waite card and turned them into stickers. It took about four months to retouch all of the cards and get them to a high enough quality for T-Shirts and Posters, etc. I’m experimenting and adding more every week or so.

If you’d like to check out the Tarot-Specific collections, take a look at the big buttons below:

Redbubble allows you to set your own prices for products. I’ve slashed all of the pricing too to be as low as I can possibly manage right now. If somebody can find happiness in a little sticker then that’s great, I think many people will need something to cheer themselves up right now.

Until next time!